Cutting it short... or loose, if you will
Christmas past

It has been a long while I know. My mojo has been in a hole somewhere and I haven't been able to get it out. I've been having pains here and there, my shoulder, my hip, etc. I so cannot wait for winter vacation. I'm truly tired. Working, household, kids & school, planning our house....well, it's starting to do things to my body all of this stress. Not being able to do sports, namely TaeBo is stressing me out even more. I've become a real homebody, but not out of choice, believe you me.

Hopefully, I can get up enough mojo for some Christmas cards or I will feel extremely bad about not sending any this year! Yikes!

Hope to be able to blog more frequently next year. Much of it will probably be about moving and the house. So exciting!

Until then....happy winter!




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