Christmas past
We're building a house!

It's about time to blog again...

Hi People!

Ever since I closed up my side business, I've blogged even less, which doesn't really make any sense, since it was supposed to give me some more time. ... Yeah, right. The joke was on me. LOL 

This past year just FLEW by! I'm like HELLOOOO?! Now it's 2013! GEEZ! 2012 was a mixed year starting off with my hubby having an operation and one week later it was my turn for my schoulder. It took a good six months before I could do any TaeBo and I thought "YAY", but then I kept getting sick with either flu or stomach problems, etc. All of a sudden my hip starts hurting for no apparent reason. If it's not one thing it's another, right?! Could I get a break here? C'mon! Then I started having stomach problems here and there, then my hands would shake, I got headaches, felt dizzy and out of breath a lot, out of energy, my heart began to race and over the Christmas holidays I lost 3 kilos, which didn't make any sense, because I ate like a horse and did absolutely NOTHING. Someone said maybe it's my thyroid and a light went on. I had hyperthyroidism years ago, but I thought it was gone. The general blood tests never seem to reveal the problem, only when they specifically test all of the hormones, etc. that have to do with the thyroid. I looked at the results and nearly all of the values were off... and I mean scary off! So, I got some medicine to tied me over until I can see the specialist in about a week. Glad I finally figured out what the heck was going on with me. Hopefully I can get the right dosage and turn into a calm person instead of a nervous wreck. Shaky hands and an often resting pulse of 110 bpm will do that to you. 

The good things that will come to pass this year: We will be moving into a brand spanking new house in the summer! It's one part of a duplex house, but it's roomy nonetheless. I'm SO EXCITED! A new place, a "home" to call our own, new rooms for the kids (at 9 and 11 they are still in baby rooms... well, some of the furniture and definitely the walls are baby). We get to get rid of SO MUCH CRAP! Good GOD that stuff builds up over time. We did get rid of quite a few books by selling them online. But there is so much other stuff. I need to purge clothing, scrapbooking supplies and lots of other unnecessary JUNKO. ;-)

At first I was totally keen on having one of those Swedisch country houses built. A country style home, but where we will be moving it would stick out like a sore thumb unfortunately. It's just a totally different style of house, even though I still love them. But, the more and more we looked at houses on the prefabricated lot, I was looking at more and more modern type houses with lots of windows and sleek, simple. No lattice windows and the less wood we have in the house the better. There is SO MUCH WOOD in our apartment...the furniture, the walls are covered in wood, which makes everything look smaller and darker. It was nice for the last 10 years, but now it's time for a change.

What's awesome is that I will finally get my walk-in closet! Awesome!!! I'm already planning how to set it up, which won't be easy since it's in the attic....where our bathroom and bedroom will also be. But IKEA always has great ideas for something like that. For the last 10 years I've had my clothes on a rolling clothing stand and one shelf. It's not been very satisfying to say the least. ;-) Now we have SPACE!!!! AND... I will get my own scraproom with straight walls just for me! Dream come true! Can't wait to design and decorate it. So much fun! I cannot wait. I'm constantly looking at the IKEA catalog and my mind is racing with fun ideas. And ladies and gentlemen "white" is the key word here. YEAH! Hopefully by the end of February they can begin with the basement (if it's not to frosty out there). Yippee!


1. Well, I plan to become healthy enough to return to my favorite sport TAEBO! I may get into Zumba as well. I tried it a few times and it's a lot of fun. :-) So, doctors, make sure you help me out here, ok??

2. I plan to blog a bit more... no, really I do! ;-)

3. Make our new home beautiful! I'm planning on wallpapering and painting, plus laminate flooring with a guy down the street that does renovations and things like that. So, I get to have a hands-on job, which I'm actually looking forward to. :D

4. More time for the kids - isn't that always the problem?? There is always so much to do, to plan, to organize that the children are shorted out of quality time, which they so desperately need. Especially our son who has ADHD. Often our daughter is short-changed, because we spend more time with our son, not fun time, just organising and trying to keep him on track. Kudos to our daughter who is so independent that she is able to take care of her own schoolwork etc. Good girl. I'm so proud of her! But our son has also made MAJOR improvements with his schoolwork and that is due to his wonderful new school. I'm so happy that we were able to get him in there.

5. LIVE more... there seems to be no time to do fun things. We're alway racing to do this and that and by the end of the year we realize... what fun things have we done? It's really sad, but one of my goals is to change that. I believe the new house will help out. I never wanted to invite anyone to the apartment, because I can't stand the way it looks anymore and there are just all kinds of "crap" everywhere, the old rug is dissolving, the wood is crowding me. If you're proud of your home, then you feel more hospitable. At least that is what I think. ;-) I'm sure we'll have more company over in the future. 

6. Stop sweating the small stuff - I have come to realize that there are just some people you can't get along with, no matter how hard you try to be nice you always get slapped one way or another. These are people you are forced to deal with, so you have to cope. I've decided I'm not going to worry about it or get upset about it. I'm going to slap back and feel good about it. Not really the neighborly way, but I'm tired of being the "nice girl". I'm patient to a certain point and will let a lot of unneccesary and impolite comments and sarcasms pass by, steaming about them inside, but biting my tongue. Why should I let inconsiderate, bitchy and downright mean people get me so upset? Well, I'm done doing that. I will not initiate or instigate anything, but I won't take bullshit anymore. That is over now. The scorpion in me will be coming out, so watch it. No more nice girl. I can play that game too. Don't worry, you treat me nice, I'll treat you nice. That's the way it's supposed to work, right? ;-)

7. Organise myself. Good Lord I'm so bad. My attic is closely resembling a messy's house with papers, books, scrapbooking supplies everywhere! It's driving me insane, but my ADD is kind of hindering me, because I get so overwhelmed when stuff starts to build up. (No, I'm not using ADD as an's just a fact.) I can't seem to get myself to start, because I just don't know where. Moving into the new house will help me as we will be able to junk a lot of "stuff" in the process and start new. We will not have little knick knacks standing around everywhere driving me nuts every time I pass by them. What for? Are they useful? Are they appealing? Not so much. It's a collection of decorative items I've gotten as gifts over the years and I feel bad throwing them out. But, sorry, I'm going to have to if I want to be organised. "Stuff" needs to GO! Note please: Handmade cards, scrapbooks, etc. will be kept FOREVER!

8. SCRAPBOOK more. Since I closed down my scrap for hire business, I just hadn't had much mojo for scrapbooking. Only the necessary cards or gifts for friends and family, nothing really for "us". To scrapbook you need fun that comes from the goal of "living" and I plan to take many photos along the way. Especially about the house! Yay!

9. LOVE - spend more time with my sweetheart, because we as parents seem to never have time for each other! Now that the kids are at an age where they are ok to stay home without a babysitter, we can finally do something fun together, alone, no kiddies. :-) Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death. But, sometimes I can only take so many "Mommmmmy"'s per day. LOL We need time for us! And I will visit my parents as often as I can. I love them so much and want to cherish each moment with them. Life is too short. 

10. CHILL - And... of course, I need more time for ME! The first step is getting back on track healthwise so I can do some fitness. Then scrap more... (time for me) and just go out with friends (rareity). It's so important to make sure you're happy, or else it's hard to make anyone else happy, right?! Right!

So...these are the thoughts that are going through my mind, besides the fact that I need to throw in the next load of wash and start cooking the Sauerbraten! LOL In between, I might organize just one little part of the attic. Computer desk or scrapdesk. ;-)

So, until hopefully soon. I'll be talking about the house plans a lot in the future obviously and will blog in detail once we move in with lots of photos of the construction and then decoration inside. Cannot WAIT!.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Chillax people. <3




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