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2013: A year in review

Now that 2013 is over, I can reflect on what all has happened during the year.

First off, we finally got started on our house building plans on the property we had bought quite a while earlier. In February it got started amidst the nastiest weather you can imagine.....wind & plenty of continuous rain. No worries, it all worked out.  This was 18 May 2013. Up in just one day. Freaky, huh!



The fun part was picking out the sanitary items, floors, wallpaper/paint. And furniture. YAY! ;-)

We moved in on the 27th of July 2013....the hottest day of the year, go figure. A measily 37°C. I thought the movers were going to pass out on me. They did an awesome job!

I planned the kitchen with IKEA. Unfortunately, the first two bozos they sent to build the kitchen obviously had no idea what they were doing. They began at the wrong end of the kitchen counter and so it was months before the kitchen was finally taken care of. I was able to work in the kitchen tentatively though, so no prob there. ;-)

IMG_0477 2 IMG_0487

IMG_0486  IMG_0483

To say the least.... I am estatic about my kitchen. I just LOVE it!!!

Mid September Jenna celebrated her 10th birthday. (August 2nd actually, but it's vacation time so we had to postpone.) Her wish was to have a sleep over birthday party, which I consented to (only God knows why...what on EARTH was I thinking??). I believe there were about 9 girls....holy hell I tell you. Never, never again....even Jenna said she never wants to do anything like that again. LOL It was a bit much. Here are some impressions....

IMG_0506  IMG_0511

IMG_0515  IMG_0518

IMG_0527  IMG_0528


They played some fun games.... first one was seeing how many m&m's they could suck up with a straw in a certain amount of time. Then they had foil fashion, where they needed to make fashion out of aluminum foil in a certain amount of time. The boy and girl team did a great job, but Jenna won. LOL And they had to carry her up and down the stairs so that her outfit wouldn't rip. Hilarious. She looked like a mannequin being carried like that. Later they played wii Sing... too bad I didn't film that. ;-) In the evening we watched "13 going on 30" the main character of which just "happens" to be Jenna. teehee -- I was glad when it was over...too many kids is just too chaotic.

Also in September, Danny began 6th grade and Jenna started 5th grade in the Gymnasium, which is a whole new ballpark compared to elementary school. She's workin' it like a champ though, very independent and ambitious. I just hope it stays that way!


Intro and welcoming day at the new school with her friends.

Here are a few images of the scenery around here.... Great walks, beautiful weather, gorgeous views...

Photo 5

Photo 4

Photo 3

Photo 1

Photo 2


Despite all the stress involved with getting the house built and settling in....I think we made some pretty terrific memories already! :D

I will be posting more photos of the inside of the house soon and as soon as my scrap studio is the way I want it, I might post a small video. :D Stay tuned!

To family and friends, real & facebook or otherwise: Have a wonderful, prosperous, joyous and healthy new year 2014!! All the best!




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