It has been a long while I know. My mojo has been in a hole somewhere and I haven't been able to get it out. I've been having pains here and there, my shoulder, my hip, etc. I so cannot wait for winter vacation. I'm truly tired. Working, household, kids & school, planning our house....well, it's starting to do things to my body all of this stress. Not being able to do sports, namely TaeBo is stressing me out even more. I've become a real homebody, but not out of choice, believe you me.

Hopefully, I can get up enough mojo for some Christmas cards or I will feel extremely bad about not sending any this year! Yikes!

Hope to be able to blog more frequently next year. Much of it will probably be about moving and the house. So exciting!

Until then....happy winter!



Cutting it short... or loose, if you will

Hey Everyone,

A few weeks ago I announced that I was ending my business as of the end of this year. Well, I've decided to cut it short and end it effective immediately. No hard feelings, it's just something I really need to put behind me to just move on and "live". When I wrote that blog post awhile back I felt a large weight come off me, so my gut feeling must be right,..right?

I will still keep this hobby up, but will no longer be practising it as a side-business. That means I will update my blog now and then, will facebook, pinterest and instragram the heck out of everything. LOL - That keeps me busy enough as it is. :)

Stay tuned for anything that interests you on my now private blog. I'm keeping the name though! Just like the ring of it! :D

See you around in the scrapbooking world!

Should you have any questions, feel free to shoot me... an email that is. ;-)

Cya soon!






Happenings in July/August ;-)

Hey there, thought I'd blog since I realized yet again....that it's been about a MONTH. sowwy

My dad's 75th birthday was on 25 July 2012. Wow! He has been truly blessed with a ton of guardian angels, which we are all very thankful for. I made him this card and he will be getting a nice album (when it's finished) ... I'll post photos later. ;-)



What's been going on... well, on 2 August we celebrated Jenna's 9th birthday. Time flies as they say. Incredible how she's grown and how independent she's become. She's just getting prettier by the day....boys, watch out! She's going to be a heartbreaker for sure! :D My little cutie.

Since her one grandma wanted to get her a bike and we wanted her to be able to pick it out, I made a pop-up card with a bike (cut with cricut expression) as a symbol of this plan. ;-)


She loved it! 

We celebrated at the pool, which was a fantastic idea since it was pretty much empty except for us. People were unsure of the weather, plus it's summer vacation (people are away) and the kids had a super time.

They either took over the entire sand box (had parents asking for "permission" to get a bucket of water for their toddlers - LOL) or they were jumping around in the pool. As a little gift and thank you for coming, I made these cool wallets out of iced tea cartons that I got directions from at this site:


Well, the kids thought those were just so awesome. Made me feel awesome too. ;-)


In August also, we found out that we got a place for Jenna at another daycare (where some of her friends and classmates are) after we had actually received notice that they could not provide a place. We had been ok with that, since the place she was at was great as well, offering so many things to do and lots of sports. We decided to leave it up to her, so she wanted to go to the new daycare, which is only for another year anyway. We were all happy on the one side, but it was sad as well since she has been there from the beginning of her Kindergarten days. So, I decided I needed to give them something to remember both Jenna and Danny by and made this little mini tag book, which I think they liked.



 Then it was my best friend Christine's birthday on 8 August who lives so far far away from me... :-( So, I always make her a nice card to show her how much I miss her...


 This card was made entirely with the heat embossing technique...using SEI Mimosa and Hero Arts stamps, plus Zing embossing powders. I love these colors! And she enjoyed it too.

Currently I'm working on a customer order for a few pages of a Marriage Travel Book. Neat idea actually. I may show a few images if I get permission from my customer. ;-)

Sunday it was hot... about 103°F or 39°C HOT. So, we decided to go to the did about a gazillion other people. At any rate, we had an awesome spot that had shade all day long. Danny is so creative... he started gathering leaves and little twigs, etc. and made lunch... on his shoe. ;-)

 He's just cool like that. ;-) Love him so much!!

In almost a week, we will be vacationing in Turkey!!! I cannot wait to be by the ocean and not have to worry about silly things, such as housework and accounting stuff. Yeahhhh!

Then school begins again.... oh boy. Danny is going to a new school, 5th grade, and will have to take the bus. New school, new kids, fresh start. I hope he likes it. Jenna will be entering 4th grade, same teacher, so nothing new there. 

And... we... are in the process of planning our house. Yes, I said house. We are building a house, our own, us... YES! YEAHHHH! Should be finished around May/June 2013 and we are so very excited. It's a duplex house, but can't be picky in these parts. I will finally have a scrap studio with STRAIGHT walls! Finally! And I won't have to sweat in the attic anymore...hehe. 

Otherwise, not much else is going on at the moment...thankfully.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and spending time with their families!








Memories Artwork Designs closing up shop as of 2013

Actually, almost past the "considering" since the wholesaler I had was taken over and the new company now charges sales tax, which I am not able to deduct being in the certain tax bracket I'm in. So....I've come to the conclusion that I will be earning even less (meaning not profitable) than I was in the past. It's not worth the headache in the least. As much as I really LOVE designing and all, but if nothing remains (and seriously, my time is darn precious to me!), then what is the point.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up on the hobby, but as of the end of 2012 I will no longer be taking custom orders for customers. Nor will I hold classes. What I will do is scrap, for myself and my family memories and of course ALWAYS make my own cards. I'm so used to that by now, that I refuse to buy and manufactured cards. 

It's a difficult thing for me to do since I wanted it to become a success to where I could earn at least a little bit of profit, but as business owners well know....there are other costs such as tax consulting or accounting that suck what little you may have made right out from under you. Sad, but true. Business taxes should be done by an approved tax consultant, so there you go.

Also, I would just stress myself with deadlines or take on custom work at the very last minute (which is silly) and make deals that were definitely to my disadvantage (because sometimes I just can't say no). With working 75% in my day job, two kids, a hubby and a household to organize, it's just something that unnecessarily stresses me out. That is something that I was not aiming for. For some custom designers (especially in Germany...since many people do not appreciate the craft or your time, etc.) it's just not worth the sad as it sounds. 

Any design team I can be on is just fine for me. It's something I can handle. So, I apologize if I'm disappointing anyone out there that was counting on me, but I truly hope you understand my situation and my reasoning. I'm still there until Christmas time, so no worries. 

Oh, and I will try to blog more and make some free tutorials here and there, plus stay on top of the trends of the business, so we'll keep in contact!





Finally some scrapbooking JUST for me!

For the last few weeks I've been working on a monster custom album ....with ca. 47 pages, only it wasn't for me, it was for a client. After finishing, I HAD to do a few things for me.

Since Danny needed two A4 sized pages dedicated to his two teachers he's had this year, I made those and had him write and doodle on the journaling spot. All of the papers were from my stash and scraps. Photo worked over with Instragram.... gotta love those.





And since my daughter loves the color blue and the things I make....I found this Ikea frame underneath the mess on my desk (literally), I thought of something quick and simple she might like to decorate her wall with.



Alright....that's all folks.... SOMEBODY has to do the cooking in this house! ;-) Thanks for looking!

Everyone have a great Sunday or Sunday evening or Monday morning... depending where you're at in the big wide world! ;-)



4th of July Mixed Media Canvas (Design Team Scrap-Art-Zine)

For the Scrap-Art-Zine Design Team I was asked to create something for their blog for Wednesday Inspirations. My date happened to be on the 4th of July. :) Since I've never had any decoration where the holiday is concerned as I've lived in Germany basically my entire life, I thought I would create something to decorate my home. And since I'm dabbling a bit in mixed media (by no means expert), I thought I would make...yes....yet "another" canvas. LOL 

I had a LOT of fun with this one, using my cricut and free clipart to depict a few symbolisms of Independence Day. For instance, the .svg file for the Statue of Liberty I found here and the bell and flag I found under free clipart on the internet and printed on cardstock. The stars I cut from Prima patterned paper with my cricut expression using the basic cartridge that came with the machine. First I painted the top part light blue and the bottom sea blue with acrylic paint. After I cut out the Statue of Liberty, I inked all the edges and assembled and adhered her onto the canvas. The chipboard clouds were painted white, inked and a thin layer of modge podge was put on top to give them some shine. On the flag I also put rock candy distress stickles and on the bell I used rock candy crackle paint (both Ranger). The metal accents are from Tim Holtz's Ideology metal collection and I found some old Making Memories threads to adhere the star with. Slapped on a few letter stickers and doodled here and there. The 4th of July may be over, but it will definitely be sitting on my sideboard for awhile. ;-)



For more close-ups, please visit the Scrap-Art-Zine Blog here - and check out all of the other inspirational creations from the Design Team.

Have a super weekend! (Yes... I do realize it's not Friday yet. ) LOL



Butterly & Moth Mixed Media Canvas

I supposed I'm starting to get hooked on canvases for some reason! LOL - Gabrielle Pollacco inspired me with her recent work. I decided to make this one, possibly for my daughter... if she likes it. ;-) Used Making Memories Acrylic paint.. yep, it was a little thick being so old and all, but I was able to thin it with some water. Papers are from Marioposa collection (Die Cuts with a view), Prima shabby chic bird cage, Holtz metal corner, Prima flower & pebbles. Modge Podge and Glossy Accents holds it all together...





Make yourself a canvas today.... so easy and so much fun!!

Have a great week!





Recent Cards - Sympathy & Birthday

I just wanted to share some recent cards I made. One is a sympathy card, which I find really difficult to create... especially if I knew the person. It's hard to try to draw the line between being too cheerful and getting the message across.



On a happier is a card I made for my hubby... :)



That's all for this rainy Sunday. I vow to post more often in the future!


Have a great Sunday!


Altered Matchbox - Scrapbooking Stuttgart Design Team

This is SO way overdue!! What should have been taken care of in May has now scooched into June. I was on vacation in Vienna and after that I was in Finland on business, so please forgive my long gaps in posting!

Mother's Day was a while back, but I still wanted to show you what I made from the kit I was sent from Yvonne @ Scrapbooking Stuttgart. Making cards over and over gets a bit boring after a while, so this matchbox idea came in handy for me. 


"I adore you MOM" - Mom loved this idea and she now keeps it in her car/purse to place her kleenex, so it is always with her. Bless her heart....I was very moved. <3


Supplies used...






A to Z Book of Me (Part I)

So... HI! FINALLY, I can post some of my A to Z book (inspired by the beautiful and talented Teresa Collins). For this book, I used papers from Echo Park for the Scrapbooking Stuttgart Design Team, just gorgeous! They're double sided and have awesome patterns and colors.

This project inspired me to take a little look at who I am and what I like ...or not. It's nice to remember yourself and what is important to you for a change.

This Part I includes the letters A - E...hope you like it.

A-Zbook4 A-Zbook1

A-Zbook2  A-Zbook3

A-Zbook5  A-Zbook6

A-Zbook7  A-Zbook8

A-Zbook9  A-Zbook10

A-Zbook11  A-Zbook12

A-Zbook13  A-Zbook14



I also recently made a few cards I wanted to share with you:

One is an ink embossed thank you card and the second was a birthday card for my very special nephew Patrick (Patti). <3 him.

Thanksinkedembossedcard  Patti19thbdaycard

Hope you are inspired a bit. Please stay tuned for more of A to Z Book of Me! ;-)

 Cya soon!


Out for a little while....back soon!

Dear Scrapper friends!

I apologize for not posting for some time now. One week ago yesterday I had surgery on my right shoulder, so I am still recooperating. I hope you understand! I'm really missing my scrapbooking and TaeBo horribly! I haven't been able to do sports for a few months now. Yikes....and my pants are getting mighty tight! But I'm hopeful to start doing a little bit of something soon. :-)

There is a project I am working on for Scrapbooking Stuttgart's design team. (It was supposed to be for January....but I had to delay due to the OP.) I recently watched a few videos at (very cool btw!) and checked out a few of Teresa Collin's videos and one of them inspired me to make a book about me (A-Z). What an amazing lady, really. Love her style, her products, her personality. :-) Since Yvonne from Scrapbooking Stuttgart sent me these lovely Echo Park papers, I thought I would use them all in this book. I will be posting as I go along, since A-Z is a lotta pages and I don't want to jot something meaningless down under each letter. It will take some time and thought about who I am, what I do, what I like etc. I was able to get a cover started before the OP, so here is a little sneak peak of that one. Fun, fun papers for sure!



Lots of my stash is being used as I really need to "use" it up. Sometimes I'll look at something and think "That's so pretty that I will have to use it for something really special." ...Now that is just silly of me. That just means I will never use it. I should consider all the things I make special, right!? Then I will be "forced" to actually use it up. :-) 

In other news...

My hubby just recently had an operation a week prior to mine as he had a ruptured hernia. Yikes! He's pretty much okay now, but still has to be very careful. While he was in the hospital, my daughter Jenna had to have one of her baby teeth pulled as it had decayed and infected her gums. :-( She was very brave though....but then again, she had a wonderful dentist specializing in children's dental care. Not like the witch on duty during Christmas vacation. That was a definite disaster.

Next week it is back to work with a hopefully good shoulder! Some days are better than others. Today... not so good. Maybe it's the snow, I dunno. ;-) I'll tell you one thing.... I cannot WAIT for Spring to arrive! Seriously now! -14°C is not funny, with or without the sun.


Thinking about my parents every day. And I worry and worry. I know I shouldn't, but with Dad and his massive heart problems, one kidney and cancer...well, I just can't help myself obviously. My mom has constant back pain and exhaustion, especially making sure Dad is always okay, driving him to the hospital for all of the doctor's appointments. And believe me, there are many. The guilt of not being able to be there to help is not easy to deal with. I try to call at least daily...I'm just afraid. Something that all people go through at some stage in their life.

Okay... nuffa that emotional stuff!! Gotta rest the arm now. Just wanted to pop by and let everyone know I'm still around. 

Have a super crafty day!





Exciting News for me! I'm published! Whoohoooo!

I'm finally able to let it out, my exciting news (well, at least for me it's exciting) ;-). 


First....I've been published!!! I was very honored that Simea Gut asked if I would like to contribute in her new book (available a to order on, called  "Fotoalben gestalten: Der große Grundkurs Scrapbooking"




I can't wait until it comes out in a little bit! :-))) The cover looks very cool and I'm very excited about being in an actual book! Wow!... Thank you Simea! You are the best! One of the coolest gals I know, seriously.

If you speak German (haha) you gotta get this book!


My second big announcement, also extremely exciting for me, is being accepted on the Design Team for Scrap-Art-Zine, a German Scrapbooking Magazine (and there are not too many out there on the subject)!! This was a great Christmas present for me and Lord knows I needed some exciting news. If it would make my Dad better, I would give it all up in a heartbeat though. Anyway... I'm trailing off! Design Team, Magazine... I mean how COOL is THAT!? You can check it out here: 


Of course, this was a huge honor to be picked as well! I was hoping for this for a long, long time and finally I made it. I feel really, really lucky. Hope this is a winning streak in other areas of my life as well. :) Can't wait for the Spring edition to come out. YAY! A must-order!!


In other news... doing some Spring cleaning here and there, taking care of the administrative stuff....and oh, btw, I'm having a operation on my shoulder in 2 weeks! (yikes) They will be removing some kind of talc build-up in there that is causing pain.....pain that I've been dealing with off an on for about 8 years. So...I think it's about darn time it is taken care of! Although I'm not really excited about having an operation, it is better than being in pain the rest of my life. 

And we will be going to Turkey on vacation this year! YAY! The Robinson Club, supposedly the best Robinson Club in Europe according to employees we've "interviewed". It is toward the end of summer though, so it will be a lonnng wait. But, I'm also hoping to have an extended weekend with one of my best friends Anja somewhere sunny and relaxing. Hopefully we'll get it together, huh!

Have some other exciting news....but am not in a position to reveal at the moment, but hopefully soon! Hee! Stay tuned!

That is all for now. Hope everyone has a splendid Sunday and remember - make time for yourself, you deserve it!

Take care now,



Looking back on the year 2011

Some of my nicest moments -

meeting people through scrapbooking, work and TaeBo, getting to work on a few secret projects, enjoying the unusually nice spring and fall weather, seeing my parents, watching the kids grow, vacationing in Fuerte Ventura

What I did a lot of -

a lot of work and stress, a lot of scrapbooking to include teaching classes, filling custom orders and working on secret projects (soon to be revealed), did a lot of TaeBo, attending several events including one in Heidelberg with Billy Blanks and his daughter Shellie Cimarosti, a lot of worrying about both of my parents and their health as well as my daughter being sick and my son with his school life.

Places I visited -

Munich, Zurich, Chiemsee, Heidelberg, Canary Islands

Some of my not so nice moments -

finding out my dad has non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer and the scary OP with his veins and kidney removal, my mom being in pain and weak all the time and her vein OP, Jenna's tonsillectomy, Fukushima, discovering the death of one high school acquaintance due to cancer and another childhood friend with stage 4, my shoulder pain returning after I had been so consistent with exercise. Also discovering I have a slight hearing problem, Jenna being sick most of the first half of 2011.... Over and over again. Finding out a pedophile child murderer had worked in the bakery we always go to for "years". Glad he was caught!! And my daughter Jenna having to experience the worst dentist visit of her life.

Some decisions I made -

turning Memories Artwork into Memories Artwork Designs so I could focus exclusively on custom design work and try to concentrate more on my family. My day job is stressful enough as it is, so I had to cut something somewhere. To stay fit with lots of TaeBo and try to keep organized. The latter has yet to be fulfilled....the former only got me through November until my shoulder acted up again.

What the weather was like -

winter had lots of snow, spring and fall were amazing, but the summer weather left much to be desired.

What I am looking forward to in 2012 -

My operation on my shoulder, seeing my parents, spending time with my family, getting well enough to do TaeBo again, our vacation in Turkey, my secret projects being revealed, another secret wish coming true, working with a great team of people at work.

My general hopes and wishes for 2012 -

that there is more peace in the world, less hunger and suffering, less violence and more love, no wars or natural disasters, no Euro crisis, less sickness, more happiness overall on the planet.

My own dreams and hopes in my life for 2012 -

that my parents feel better soon, that my shoulder OP goes well, that we all stay healthy and happy, that my son does well in school, that I get to meet new people, see old friends and family, see new places, keep learning more crafting techniques and be able to exercise again.....and overall....have fun.

Have a happy fun-filled 2012!


Worst dentist experience ever!!!

While on vacation in Bavaria my daughter Jenna began to develop a toothache in one of her molars. We gave her painkillers and waited to see whether it would get better. When it didn't, we decided to take her to the dentist on duty (since most are on vacation between the holidays). We had a super nice dentist that obviously knows how to deal with children. Part of her filling had broken and he sealed it up and cleaned her up. She got to pick out a ring as a reward for being so good.

Two days later she still had pain, only this time there was a different dentist on duty. We did not have to wait long, but little did we know that this would turn into a nightmare. This "woman"' or rather monster, looked in her mouth, asked her to be honest as to whether she flossed every day, to which she replied, "Every two days." Then next thing I knew, without warning, she orders Jenna to open her mouth and proceeds to start drilling open her tooth! Jenna turned stiff and started saying "ow...ow".

Now let me first say that Jenna has always been very good at any doctor's office. She let's herself get pricked and prodded with needles and got her filling from a nice children's dentist without any shots' no problem. She has had a tonsillectomy and was very brave.

To continue on....Jenna had a terrified look on her face and called to me "Momma!" I immediately went over and took her hand upon which the dentist told me that it is not necessary to hold her hand. Then she proceeded to tell my daughter that with eight years of age, she is old enough to answer her question about whether she is just in a little bit of pain or in more pain than a little bit. She was really scaring my daughter half to death, who was meanwhile crying and looking at me with pleading eyes. I was just as stunned as she was!! This woman's behavior was absolutely appalling and outrageous to me, and I really didn't even know how to react. I kept telling her that my daughter is not a whiny child that cries at the least bit of pain and that, yes....she is in pain! Then she has the gall to forbid me to speak for my daughter!!

She said to my daughter that she was a pretty girl with pretty earrings and that ugly teeth don't fit into the picture. WTH?? My daughter's teeth are perfectly fine! Constantly, with each whimper she would remind Jenna that it is her own fault she' in pain and that if she had flossed every day, this would not have gotten a cavity. I guess the pain she had already gone through was not enough. Now she had to humiliate her on top of it all. She also spoke so fast that it was difficult to follow what she was saying. Over and over she kept saying, "You are eight years old and old enough to understand what I am telling you. Do you understand??" Jenna was mortified of the woman to say the least! All she could do was nod and cry. I stood there in shock thinking of what to do, but I was too stunned.....and later on ashamed that I wasn't able to protect my baby! I later broke out in tears when we left the place as well. Why didn't I say anything?!?

She kept reprimanding her the entire time and ignored her crying. Then she shows her the bloody drilled tooth on the large monitor! That was all Jenna needed....I mean COME ON! There were also FOUR dental assistants with her in the room....FOUR?! What for?

She threatened to pull her tooth and said it needed to come out and Jenna almost got hysterical. I didn't blame her. After the woman questioned her 5-6 times as to her level of pain, she finally give her shots for the pain...."after" she had drilled open the tooth. She just left it at that and said she needs to get it pulled. So now she has an open wound / hole in her tooth and I pray that it doesn't get infected.

There are no words for the way I felt after this experience....and Jenna to say the least. She cried for a half an hour and cried each time she talked about what happened. I felt so awful for her pain, her fear, the fact that I couldn't save her from this awful experience. It had all happened so fast. When I thought she was just examining the tooth, she had already started drilling it. I'm so ashamed that I was not in a position to help her or protect her. If my husband would have been there, she would have gotten to hear a thing or two. I was just happy to get out of there and back to the house. My hope is that she doesn't let this bad experience ruin her otherwise good relationship with her regular dentist. My poor sweety.

If you are ever at the Prien to be exact and you have a toothache, DO NOT visit Dr. Brigitte von Heydebrand if you don't want to go home with nightmares!

For more about this story in German, my hubby wrote an article about Dr. von Heydebrand as well here...

Handmade Christmas Cards 2011

How I love to give my family and friends my own handmade Christmas cards. I don't think I could bring it over myself to ever purchase another card again! It's just so much more personal....more like a mini-gift.  My heart goes into each and every card. :-) Here are some of the cards I made this year...some are cute, some are distressed, some are vintage and some are plain. What kinds of cards are you getting this year?

There are quite a few more that I made, but I could not fit them all onto one block. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends and may your New Year be happy, healthy and filled with fun!


Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas, Tag No. 1

I thought I would give this a try...although I did have to improve since I do not have the die cuts etc. I think it turned out pretty nice! :) (it only took hoooouuurrrrsss!) I used glitter glue instead of regular glitter, a different embossing die, my own pine cone creation LOL, and had to majorly improvise on the greenery. 



Can't wait to do more of them! See ya soon!


Me and her...

Jenna and I took this photo yesterday while waiting for Danny. I feel so bad sometimes for not being able to give her the attention she craves. Having a brother with ADD is difficult for a sibling. Since things often come easier for her with which Danny often has difficulties, most of the attention (even if it is negative) is directed at him.

When she starts having problems, it's often undetected by us, because we're always looking to see that Danny is doing well. Poor sweety. She tries so hard...helps around the house, tries her best to be the perfect daughter and we often don't recognize her efforts.

I vow to change this. Danny will be 10 years old soon and needs to show at least a little sense of responsibility. How I will accomplish this I don't know. I let him try things and it seems he almost tries to mess it up so that he won't have to bother with it in the future. Sometimes I have to wonder how many nerves I have left. ;)

So this is my little sweetheart, my little girl whom I love with all my heart. And I'm determined to make sure she knows this...and that we love her just as much as our son. <3

Have a wonderful day and don't forget your children need your TLC!

Me and her...

Design Team Work - Scrapbooking Stuttgart November/December 2011

November/December 2011's Design Team project for Scrapbooking Stuttgart was to make 2-3 Christmas cards from the materials that was sent to each of us. So this is what I made...simple, but cute:




The supply list included the following:

  • Kraft Cardstock
  • Assorted ribbon Rayher Christmas
  • Brads Rayher
  • Cart-us Christmas Collection
  • Cart-us Paper Pad Christmas Collection
  • Die Cuts with a View - The Christmas Box of Cards
  • Kars wooden ornaments
  • Various fabric decor

All materials can be purchased at

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!



Family Photo Shoot and Family Layouts

Near the end of October, my co-worker agreed to have a family photo shoot with us in the woods. To say the least, they turned out fabulous!! Take a look at some of our photos on her blog here...

I couldn't wait to get some of the first photos scrapped since they were just so inspiring to me. This is what I am passionate about.....documenting "us".  Although I do enjoy designing for others, I'm so glad when I get the time to do something for us. That is, after all, where my passion for scrapbooking began - documenting my babies, me, family life, grandmas and grandpas and love.





Nov2011layouts4 Nov2011layouts5




DannyNov20112  DannyNov20113




MyBoycloseupletters MyBoycloseupflower


inbetween... I did a few other things... ;-)





More to come ...


NOTICE: I will only be taking custom orders for albums until 1 December, frames until 14 December. So, please place your order by then to insure timely completion and delivery. Thx, bye!





Altered Projects & Cards

Goodness! I just looked to see when I last blogged and it was SEPTEMBER!!! I'm SO bad! Sorry guys, don't know what happened there. I guess I got so wrapped up in my custom orders that I've neglected my blog. Never to fear, I'm not gone, no way. ;-)

Aside from my custom orders, I did a few other things along the way.... 


A birthday card from my nephew.....


Some altered letters for


A marathon congrats card for my hubby....


A 60th birthday card....


A sympathy card...


custom order of Slovenian Christmas cards


A so sorry card for friend who's birthday I totally forgot (shame on me)..


Last, but not least.... a Halloween Card.... :)

I would have more to show you if I was authorized by some of my customers, but they prefer not to have me display their customs orders....such a shame... ;-)


If you are needing me to design any Christmas cards or gifts for anyone, place our order now, because Christmas is not too far away! 



Relief! Dad is doing okay.

I can't tell you how relieved I am my dad is doing so much better. He's able to walk and is recovering pretty well. Now we just need to get him to a level where he can climb stairs alone, cuz Mom just doesn't have the strength to help him out there. To say the least I'm very happy and very relieved.


On another note...yesterday marked the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th tragedy for so many people, the victims as well as their families. I remember that day clearly. I was about 5 months pregnant with Danny and in complete shock about what was happening. I was at work, but went over to a bar next door that had a TV with a few colleagues of mine. Total disbelief set in....I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. I kept this a sick joke? How could this happen and why would anyone do something like this? To say the least, I was unable to do any work for the rest of the day. I couldn't keep from crying. My cousin Jenny was also an AA jumbo jet pilot living in Boston. I frantically tried reaching her for days. Especially in light of the fact that we had initially wanted to visit her in Boston in September, only I got pregnant and since I had a miscarriage in the past, the doc advised me not to fly. I was really bummed, since I really wanted to see her and we had tickets to see Blue Man Group and everything, but such is life. :-( 


I was again relieved when she called to tell me that she was okay. It had been her day off, thank GOD! All I could do the following days was watch television as I still could not believe this could happen. I mean, how could FOUR planes be hijacked? FOUR?! One... maybe even two, but 4 was just insane. I was moved by the bravery of the fireman in their attempts to save people. I was moved by the bravery of the passengers on flight 93. I felt despair for those who jumped out of the towers in order to save themselves from being burned alive and tumble into a possibly less tortured death.  I prayed they would be unconscious by the time they reached the ground. On that day at work, I cried. My co-worker at the time looked at me and said "Why are you crying? You didn't even know those people?". That is what some people don't understand about American patriotism. We stand together, we feel together, we support each other whether we're there or not, whether we know the next person or not and what she said was ignorant, and sad. 

I'm also sad to say I have never been to NYC...only JFK Airport, but I plan to change that. I will go to NY if it's the last thing I do. And I won't ever forget what happend that day, the lives lost, the families that still suffer today. Bless them all.



My thoughts right here and right now....this is me

My dear Dad just turned 74. He's been through several heart attacks, the last of which needed a quintuple bypass (the maximum number there is). Dad also has arthritis in his hips, fingers and knees. His veins were clogged in his legs making it seemingly difficult to walk. So, he decided to get them operated on. Through many examinations in preparation for the OP, a golfball sized tumor was found in his kidney, which thankfully did not spread.

Because of his age and what he's been through the past through years, not only with his heart, but worrying about my mom and her pneumonia near death and stomach operation, I was pretty worried...and am still. Maybe it's not justified, maybe I'm over worrying, but the fact of the matter is....I just don't want to lose my dad. I just don't. Yes, I know we all have to go at some point, but I'm not ready (will I ever be?). I actually went as far as asking my facebook friends to pray for him, which seems silly, but I just panicked. I'm starting to get panic attacks, because I'm so so afraid of what might happen. When you lose a grandfather or grandmother it hurts a lot too, but mom or dad? That just scares the life out of me, can't say it any other way. We're extremely close and we're 2 hours apart. It kills me that I can't just hop into my car and pay them a quick visit. 

My Mom worries me too. Her health is not at all what it should be. She needs medicine for shortness of breath, has constant back pain, is allergic to all kinds of medications and foods. Many times she's downright exhausted. Unusual for a woman who was so full of life and so energetic. It kills me to see her this way. I so wish I could be of more help to her and lived closer to her. Most of all I wish I could be with her and comfort her, because I know how afraid she is of losing Dad. My sweet Irish Catholic, New Jersey born, military man, fisherman and hobby cook of a Daddy. Please please hang in there and get well soon. I know you can do it!!! Love you so so much!!

Been such a bad blogger.... sowwy!

I wish I could post something special every day. But...sometimes I think, what if nobody cares? What if it's just not important or interesting enough? We all have our doubts. 

It has been a turbulent few weeks. I've been doing two jobs the last few weeks, during which my daughter had a tonsillectomy, so I was in and out of the hospital just running around and completely frazzled. There was just no time to post anything. 

There were a few things inbetween that I was working on, some of which I can't post (tell ya later) and the others were just a few little cards for co-workers, friends, family...



Next week the kids are off to summer camp (no overnighting) for two weeks, saving me from needing to make breakfast in the morning. ;-) The second week of which I have a week off. HALLELUJA! Part of the week I will be visiting my parents. My dad will have the veins in his legs operated on, so I'm thankful to be with my mom during that. I'll get to see old acquaintances again, my dear cousin Anja, my best buddy Frank and the yearly carnival will be on, which I haven't been to in YEARS. Okay, it's really dinky, but boy do they know how to party. LOL

The second part of the week, I plan to DEclutter....not clutter, the apartment, starting with my office and scrap studio. There is SO much filing to do, so many things that "I thought" I would be selling on Ebay. (Yeah... right.) I figure I'll donate or throw out since it's not worth Ebay (unless it's electronic equipment or parts). There is just not enough time in the day if you know what I mean. LORD! There are so many scrapbooking magazines and supplies I need to purge that it really isn't funny anymore. I'm always looking for stuff or else I find stuff I had forgotten I had. Oh brother. My procrastination has really gotten out of hand. I just look at the piles, don't know where to start, turn on my heal and walk away. ADD doesn't make it any better. ;-) But, I plan to do one corner at a time and try not to look at the entire mess. Hopefully soon, there will be space to actually comfortably walk through my studio and office. (to the relief of my hubs I'm so sure).

After summer camp, Hubs and the kids are visiting the house in Bavaria (the one we don't live in). Unfortunately, this will be taking place without me since nobody gets vacation time in September. (too many events going on). On the other hand, I will have a week of peaceful evenings and can go out any time I want! Yeah!!! But, I will miss them! :-(

One more thing... just wanted to tell you about the dream I had last night. I rarely dream, because I usually don't sleep enough to get into that phase (another story in itself), but it was a really sweet dream. I dreamt I was walking in a garden and I think my daughter Jenna was with me, but I don't remember clearly, when I saw a small swarm of butterflies, really little ones. They were so cute that I went over to them and held out my hand, which soon had several little of the beauties tickling my hand and I giggled (and Jenna) and laughed, and thought how wonderful they are. That is all I remember....but I loved it. More dreams like this one please!! 

You all have a great weekend! I'm going to be enjoying the weather, the pool and my family this weekend. I am in definite need of relaxation and carefree hours. 

Whatever you do, do it with a smile! Have a super weekend everyone!


August Kit from Scrapbooking Stuttgart - Altered Cardboard Crown

I just fell in love with the new August Kit from Scrapbooking Stuttgart, as I've always wanted to do something like this for Jenna, either in the form of a mini-album or as decoration for her room. So, this was perfect for me and I could hardly wait to do something with it. I had to work with it right away!

Jenna is a real "girly girl", so the paper that came with it was perfect for her room and she was excited when I showed it to her. Danny thought it was super cute too.  LOL Something like this belongs in every little girl's room!




Supplies from the kit (buy it for 12€ in the shop at Scrapbooking Stuttgart) :

  • Rayher Papermachè crown
  • Bazzill Kraft Cardstock 12x12"
  • DCWV Mariposa Paperpack
  • Metal trinkets
  • E line paper flowers
  • Gem brad
  • Gems
  • Crochet lace
  • Ribbons, red & cream (not used in this example)

Other supplies:

  • white acrylic paint
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink Vintage
  • Ranger Glossy Accents
  • Modgepodge
  • Martha Stewart butterfly punch
  • 1-1/2" Paper Shapers circle punch
  • Packaging string (from the Juli Kit)

Then I also made this card from leftovers from the kit: 



I hope I was able to give you a bit of inspiration...

Have a wonderful start into the new week and to all the schwabian folk, have a good summer vacation time!



Girly Garden Layouts & Birthday Cards

Yay.... I was finally able to scrap just for me. Although I truly LOVE designing for others, I sometimes miss time to do layouts just for me. I finally used one of my Studio Calico kits (May 2011). Have I mentioned that I just LOVE these kits!? There is just so much love that goes into putting them together and every month I'm so thrilled to get my package!!

Before I get to the stuff... Jenna was again invited to a birthday party and well....Danny wasn't so I decided to do something really special for him...especially with his good grades that he really worked very hard for. So, I took him to see Cars 2 in 3D. I was SO awesome! Not that it had very many 3D effects, but the scenery that they created was fascinating! Totally fell in love with "Porto Corsa". Hee... and Danny ate his sweet popcorn (yuck), got a cool cup and two cars from the movie theater. Said I was the best momma in the world. Now THAT felt good!

Anyhooo... the following two layouts are with photos from a little garden shoot I did in August of 2009 where Jenna was sick with Scarlet Fever for the umteenth time and I was trying to get her mind off of her throat and cheer her up and this is what came out.











AND... since there have been a few birthdays....I wanted to show you what cards I made lately...

Bdaybf2011 Bdaycard_POP Happy30despina

What's great is that I never have to buy a card ;-)... but I also only make cards for people who appreciate the work I put into them. ;-)

Stay tuned....I'm on a roll babayyyy!



Scrapbooking Stuttgart DT Work - School Layout

Yayyy! I'm blogging! I'm so sorry it took this long, it's just been crazy like it always is after vacation and nearing school end with all the parties to prepare for and attend, plus I've been filling custom orders (which is not really a bad thing). 

Anyway, I was asked to work with a little kit provided to me by Scrapbooking Stuttgart and this is what I came up with. I realized that I never really scrapped Jenna's 1st day of school (shame on me!!). So, these papers from Sassafrass were the perfect thing for that! So here goes nothing:






Products used from the kit:

Sassafrass Paper pad Amplify

Bazzill Basics Kraft Cardstock

Wooden Ornaments

Rayher Brads "Nail"

Rayher Brads "Screws"

Prima Marketing Craftable flowers white, 3 sizes

Other products used:

Distress Ink Tumbled Glass, Barn Door, Marmalade

Perfect Pearls powder Rust


All of these can also be found at the Scrapbooking Stuttgart Shop and the little kit is also for sale there for 10 Euros plus shipping!


Design Team Work - Scrapbooking Stuttgart

As Design Team member at Scrapbooking Stuttgart, I was recently sent some products to use for whatever I wanted. Once I got started, there was no stopping me! LOL With just two sheets of double-sided patterned cardstock, twine, 3 kraft gift bags, brads and metal embellies, (and a few items from my stash) this is what I came up with. 











Supplies from Scrapbooking Stuttgart:

  • Cosmo Cricket Crafting Kit "Social Club" - Swingin' & Borders Papers
  • Knorr Prandell Gift bags
  • Brads from Rayher
  • Divine Twine by whisker graphics
  • Metal guitar & musical note


Supplies from my stash:

  • Prima flower
  • Tim Holtz Vintage, Shabby Shutters, Barn Door Distress ink
  • Ranger crackle paint clear
  • Making Memories buttons
  • Fiskars border punch
  • DCWV cards (brown & black)
  • Hero Arts sparkle clear sentiment stamps
  • Other cards (white and pink)
  • Martha Stewart butterfly punch
  • Kars sticky pearls
  • Cuttlebug heart die cut
  • White Signo marker
  • Wooden butterfly

Please note that most, if not all of these supplies can be ordered at

New Direction - Memories Artwork (Designs)

Dear Scrappers,

Some of you might have been wondering why I haven't been offering classes lately. Well, I have been trying to get some order in my life and spend more time with my family, (which is the most important thing to me). So, I have decided not to hold any pre-scheduled scrapbooking/crafting classes in the future, unless someone specifically requests them and only with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 people. 

I am concentrating on the design part of my business as this allows me more flexibility in working hours. That said, I have also changed the name of my side business to "Memories Artwork Designs". More and more orders are coming in that are filling out my evenings, which is not such a bad thing. When preparing for scheduled classes, there is more work with marketing and preparing a handout, as well as making sure the class is filled with enough students. While I do enjoy (love) teaching, it does take up time to do what is necessary to make it a success.

The extra stress in my life needs to be reduced and I need to get organized, so something has to give. My focus is directed primarily on the most important thing in my family <3. We need to spend more time together as a family in this fast-lane life we're living in. Social media here and there, school, work and sleeping disorders due to stress...I need to create a good balance to keep sane. I trust some of you can understand where I'm coming from.

What I can do, aside from my custom orders, is include free tutorials on my website, either with photos or videos every so often as I can film or take photos on the side while working on a project. I may also be posting card and/or layout sketches (which I have also done in the past) you can use for personal projects. I hope this makes up for the lack of offered classes. 

As I've already stated, I can (if the schedule fits) hold classes upon request. Just send me an email and I will see what I can do. I do hope you understand.

Should you have any questions regarding certain techniques, etc., please do not hesitate to email me. I'd be happy to help.

Hope you have a nice "hump" day!







Of handmade flowers, Mother's Day cards & altered frames

It's been awhile and I apologize profusely! It's been a busy busy life.... still is for that matter! We've had Easter and I've had an big event at work we've been planning for (in Zurich). Now that it's over, I can breath....even if just for a little while. ;-)

I know Mother's Day is long over, but in my last post I had been making flowers like a crazy person and just wanted to show you a few examples of how you can put your handmade flowers to use. It's nothing new or extraordinarily exciting, but these are my examples and perhaps it will spark something in you.


This year's Mother's Day had my mom in tears, which was exactly what I was aiming for....tears of joy that is.



I've been making decorative frames for all seasons....Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Fall, but I didn't have one for Spring. So, my handmade flowers fit perfectly for what I wanted to make. I drew stems with leaves in pencil on cardstock, then pierced holes along the design and back stitched some green thread on to it. I adhered the flowered, stamped a flourish on opposite corners and was done. Yes, it's simple, but romantic and I like it. Just another decorating idea for ya.

Question for you:  Would you purchase something like this if were for sale?

Stay tuned for more uses of handmade flowers....Until then, have a superb weekend!



Paper flowers and a tissue box ;-)

Don't ask me why I decided to look up videos on youtube about how to make paper flowers, but for some reason I did and I obviously had a lot of fun! :-) Then I decided my tissue box was too pretty to throw out, so I decided to make a flower box to hold my hand-made flowers. Now, it could use a few more details around the edges, but this was a quicky. I just cut along the top of the box on one long end and the two short ends, covered the opening with a large journaling tag I cut with my cricut, then added a brad on the top and long side of the box to tie a string for closure. Like I said....very quick. 




I made this flower this morning, so easy. You just need 3 of each large, medium and small sized either punched or cut out flowers, whether they be 5 or 6 petal does not matter in the least. Ink them if you like, spray all with water, scrunch or wad them up real tight, then flatten each one out. Take some glossy accents or other quick drying adhesive and begin adhering them on top of each other beginning with the largest and ending up with the smallest flowers on top. Be sure to vary the position of the petals when you stack the flowers on top of each other for more fullness and dimension. What I did below is I put a brad through the middle. Sprayed it with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (Blue Denim), dried it with the embossing gun, then used some Ranger Distress Stickles "Rock Candy" to give it some more glitter, dried it again and it was done. It took about 10 minutes or so. Like I said, real easy and saves you money!! :-) You can use them on cards or layouts, to decorate gifts with or hot glue on to a simple head band to spruce it up. 



Hope you enjoyed these short little tutorials. Have a great rest of your weekend!



"Tickle me!" - Using color on scrapbooking layouts

These photos I took of a tickle attack on Jenna last weekend inspired me to a new layout. For this layout I used a filmstrip .png file and mostly Studio Calico supplies out of various of their kits.

What I wanted to talk to you about is color. We all know how important it is to match the colors of the photos to our pages/scrapbooking supplies. So, I wanted to show you how I chose my colors to match my photos.


Since the main colors in the photos are green and blue, I chose a subtle greenish-blue small patterned background first of all. Jenna's shirt contains black, which the filmstrip was perfect for. She also had some orange and pink on her shirt, so I thought I would pull that out and tie it into the layout.

To offset the blue & green in the photos, I backed them with a solid orange. For the title, I again chose black to pull together the black filmstrip and Jenna's shirt. I found some paper with several printed banners and this one was perfect as it had black, blue, green & several neutral pastel tones and was great to add some slight dimension and a border at the top.

In my stash, I also found some old jeans patterned paper, which I used as a small border atop the journaling block. To top it off, I found the little bird and a tag out of the Girl's Paperie collection, some Prima Pebbles and a few Teresa Collins chipboard flowers that matched perfectly in terms of color.

So, when matching your colors up, you can see how easy it can be. Don't be afraid to use too many different colors as long as they compliment your photos and don't take attention away from them.

Hope you enjoyed my color-coded explanation. Have fun with your next layout! ;-)


5 more cards with "Life of the Party" patterned papers by Basic Grey

As promised, here are 5 more cards I whipped up yesterday in the scope of design team work for Scrapbooking Stuttgart with the "Life of the Party" line by Basic Grey. I also used the Tim Holtz Alterations Sizzix die "Sewing Room", really fun stuff. Check it out...


Birthday card for anyone...




"Thx sew much" card....thank you card (fun dress form!!) - NOW available at Scrapbooking Stuttgart!



"Miss you sew..." I think this turned out to be my favorite one from the batch. ;-) I'm hooked on the dress form people!!


"Just wanted to say hi there!" - Cutesy card 



"Adore" card for various occasions....mainly loving ones ;-)


Hope you enjoyed all the possibilities of what can be done with this great Basic Grey collection! Until next time....I'm going to enjoy the sunshine!

NEW "Life of the Party" line by Basic Grey, now at Scrapbooking Stuttgart

Hello world!

It's about time I posted something again isn't it? I was recently sent a few papers from the Basic Grey "Life of the Party" line by Scrapbooking Stuttgart to use for either layouts, cards or decor. I used a bit of it for cards (more to come) and wanted to show you what I made out of one each, white cardstock (colorcore) and bazzill kraft cardstock along with 4 papers from the BG line. So, here it goes...



This can be used for just about any celebration. "Block party" paper, colorcore white cardstock, various buttons, Creative Imaginations letters stickers & Fiskar's scallop punch.



Thank you card made with "Getting Bigger" & "How you've grown" Papers, Bazzill Kraft Cardstock, Tim Holtz Walnut Distress Ink, Cosmo Cricket Chipboard letters "western"



"Party" card using bazzill kraft cardstock, "getting bigger" Basic Grey pp, "candy bag" pp by Basic Grey, CI alpha stickers, Tim Holtz Walnut Distress ink.


"Happy Birthday" card with white colorcore cardstock, "getting bigger & candy bag" pp by Basic Grey, Prima flower, Prima Pebble, White Signo pen, Tim Holtz Walnut Distress ink and old mesh, fiskars scallop punch.


If you enjoyed this fun paper and would like to order, just head on over to the shop at Scrapbooking Stuttgart and buy on location or order online!! She's got it brand NEW!

Like I said...."more to come" so check back in a bit. ;-)

Intermediate Scrapbooking Class - Man in da House!

Yo, Yo, Yo....we had a man in da house at Scrapbooking Stuttgart for my last intermediate Scrapbooking Class on 27 February 2011. Something different for a change! Here the students learned a little bit more about color, design and accents and busily worked away on their projects. Our man in the class had quite the creative ideas on his layouts! No wonder, since his wife is the ever talented Susi from the Design Team at Scrapbooking Stuttgart! ;-)


For more impressions of the class, please click here.

Please join us for my next class at Scrapbooking Stuttgart on 27 March 2011 where we'll be making a fabulous Configurations shadow box from Tim Holtz, similar to these below! 


For more information, please visit or click here.

It's Fasching in Germany....

In case you don't know what it's kind of like Halloween/Mardi Gras, chasing away Winter and spirits and getting ready for fasting. So, everyone goes a little nuts... okay, a LOT nuts, gets dressed up and parties! 

I hadn't planned on dressing up, but when my nice co-workers had an extra wig, I just could NOT resist the urge to slip into another personality with this cute black bob wig. LOL Check it out...where did Jackie go??


I look SO different. I don't think even I would recognize me. Heehee... Well, it is "Rosenmontag", the day where most of the parades are happening and eveyone gets to dress up.

To those of you who are partying... have fun!




Ease the pounding of my heart by the quieting of my mind. Steady my hurried pace. Give me, amidst the day's confusion, the calmness of the everlasting hills.

Break the tensions of my nerves and muscles with the soothing music of singing streams that live in my memory.

Help me to know the magical, restoring power of sleep. Teach me the art of taking "minute vacations"...slowing down to look at a flower, to chat with a friend, to read a few lines from a good book.

Remind me of the fable of the hare and the tortoise; that the race is not always to the swift; that there is more to life than measuring its speed.

Let me look up at the branches of the towering oak and know that it grew slowly and well. Inspire me to send my own roots down deep into the soil of life's endearing values...that I may grow toward the stars of my greater destiny. Slow me down, Lord. ~~Wilferd Arlan Peterson~~

Valentine's Gift - Altered Altoid Tin

I was browsing through CK Magazine last month and came across this cute idea of altering an altoid tin and putting neat coupons inside for my honey for Valentine's Day. The coupon template can be downloaded from the CK Magazine website under free downloads. The altoid tin was ordered via ebay and was fairly cheap. Needless to say he loved it! :)

Valentine20114   Valentine20111

Valentine20112 Valentine20113

Supplies: Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink Red Pepper, Cosmo Cricket Yuletide PP, Corner Rounder WeRMemory Keepers, CK Mag free download (coupons), PSE 6.0 Elements, Prima clear stamp, Holtz Distress Ink Fired Brick, Ranger Glossy Accents, Holtz Crackle Paint Fired Brick, Holtz Grungeboard heart accent, Holtz Tissue Tape Nostalgic, other love metal accent, white cardstock colorcore

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!! <3


My one little word...

For this year is "calm". This little word is my number one resolution for this year although I might have had a ton of other words, such as "play", "save", "wellness", "friendship"....but "calm" hit it home the most. Something I need to work on and work out for myself.

Back soon...


Christmas Cards, Scrapbooking Classes, Advent Calendars

Wow! What happened to last month? It just whizzed by me and I just realized that my last post was from mid-November!!

It's been a busy time, at work as well as with my scrapbooking business. Classes, cards and custom orders took up a lot of time, but I also had fun with it all.

My next project will consist of cleaning and reorganizing the attic, which houses our offices and my scrapbooking studio. It's quite the unbearable mess I'm embarrassed to admit. I am optimistic that I will be able to conquer this massive project and come out clean and organized in the new year! That is my first resolution of the year.

Here are some impressions of late. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year. I am thinking of a few people that are missing there loved ones and those that have had bad luck this year, be it health-wise, job-wise or otherwise. I am especially wishing you a much better New Year with lots of luck, good health, love and success.

Christmas Cards, Scrapbooking Classes, Advent Calendars

Christmas Cards, Scrapbooking Classes, Advent Calendars

Christmas Cards, Scrapbooking Classes, Advent Calendars

Christmas Cards, Scrapbooking Classes, Advent Calendars

Christmas Cards, Scrapbooking Classes, Advent Calendars

A trip home to Kindsbach and some scrapbooking stuff

I have been wanting to blog for what seems like ages. All I've been able to do is post classes and send newsletters. Although I'm feeling like a chewed up rag, a little case of the flu, I neeeeeed to do this!

During the Halloween weekend I decided to take a spontaneous trip to see my parents with the kids. Since they have both been very sick this year, Dad with his 4th heart attack and quintuple bypass and Mom with a dangerous intestinal problem, followed by 2 operations, I thought it might be good for them to get to see their grandchildren and daughter. ;-) We were pretty lucky with the weather. It was cool, but sunny on Saturday (which is when the Air Base decided to do Halloween) and I took quite a few photos:

Danny&jennahalloween20103 Danny&jennahalloween2010

Danny makes such a cute Luke Skywalker and Jenna was adorable in her witch costume. Unfortunately, it was a little cool, so they had to cover them up. Most of the time I was the keeper of the laser sword. ;-)



This is Kindsbach Lake in the town in which my parents have lived since about 1977/78. I do believe this must be one of the best outdoor photos I've taken, but that is mostly due to the beautiful weather and gorgeous bright autumn colors. ;-) We had a short, but nice walk around the lake with Oma Lotte (Grandma), the grandkids and I. ;-)

Then, I wanted to get photos of them together...and this is what came out of that ;-)

Oma&kidsoct20101 Oma&kidsoct20104
Oma&kidsoct20105 Oma&kidsoct20102
Danny and Jenna can make some pretty goofy faces....I'll givem' that. Guess they didn't feel like getting their photo taken today. ;-)

Then I caught them from behind.... ha!


Mom&leavesoct2010 Oma&dannyoct2010

I love the color of the leaves in the forest and I wanted to catch a glimpse of my mom walking on this path.

The photo on the right warms my heart. Danny collected several leaves or rather ferns...and then went up to his grandma and put his arm around her waste and walked along side of her. So precious... just wants to make me almost cry. ;-)

Here are a few more impressions of our visit to Kindsbach....helping Oma in the garden...and "making stuff"


Danny is very good with his hands....not exactly sure what he made here, but it looks cool...just like this heart he made for me out of legos.... ahhhh... isn't he the sweetest kid??


and Jenna here helped Oma to get the leaves out from under the tree....I think she left a few hairs on some of those branches. ;-)


So now I want to show you my DREAM HOUSE. When we build a house, I want it to look just like this! An American family built it (as you might be able to tell due to the style) and it's right on the lake. Of course, it does get noisy during the sommer, but hey... they have that lake right out their front door and can jump in it any time they want! Cool deal. Unfortunately, they had to recently sell it. Sold it waaaay too cheap if you ask me! Anyhoo... here it 'tis...



It's simply amazing to me... I am so in awe of this house! Want it!!! Now!!


And here is what I have been up to scrapbooking-wise.....

A recent beginner scrapbooking class....



and a frame for my best friend's sister who's pup recently died....such a sweet sweet dog too. :-(


Unfortunately, another doggy in our family died too.... Oma Gitti's doggy Tanja. We're all very sad about that and miss her so!


And then yet another doggy died.... his name was Sam and belonged to one of the daycare teachers who has been bringing him for a few years now, so the children knew him quite well. He was only 6 years old.


 ... back to scrapbooking / card making / frames.....


I'm trying to make a decorative frame for every season/occasion....


Finally scrapped some old Kindergarten photos of my two sweeties and their "Red Group". They really enjoyed it there!


A masculine birthday card for my very good friend Frank...

and an envelope I decorated...

Address erased to protect the innocent ;-)...


A purple birthday card for a friend whom I happen to know likes purple.


A sympathy card...


a with compliments tag



An early X-mas tag for a customer I placed with her order


A minibook class I taught on Saturday...


Everybody have a great week!

P.S. Don't forget, next Saturday is a Christmas Card Class! If you're interested and have time, now is the time to register..




***Sign up now!!*** Scrapbooking Class in November 2010

Click onto the link to my newsletter to find out about classes in November. Post it to Twitter or Facebook, forward it on to your friends and relatives if you like and whoever else wants to know.  ;-)

The beginner class I will be holding at Scrapbooking Stuttgart will cost 25 EUR including supplies and use of machines. 


Take care,



Scrapper Style Adventcalendar Class - November 27th!!

Yeah! An Advent Calendar Class! You know you want one!! ;-) I'll be holding this class on 27 November from 2-5 p.m. so, it's your last chance to make one before the Advent season begins!!

We will be making a scrap style Adventcalendar with 24 drawers with the size of the calendar approx. 34cm x 6cm x 34 cm. We'll decorate it with nice patterned papers and/or small photos if you like.

It will be similiar to the photo on the right (different style) below using this plain advent calendar cardboard kit on the left.

Kars_advent  Adventcalendar_boxes
   Photo courtesy of (posted by Anisa)

Cost is 30 EUR incl. supplies and use of my tools.

The class will take place at Memories Artwork in Filderstadt. Out of the 6 available seats there are 4 still available, so register now to save your seat!! 



Midnight Scrapbooking Crops at Scrapbooking Stuttgart

German or American, doesn't matter! Are you into scrapbooking and are looking for crops in the Stuttgart area? Then, look no further! Beginning in November, the first Friday of every month you can attend the Midnight Crop at Scrapbooking Stuttgart

All you need to do is your photos and cropping bags along with 3 Euros for the use of Yvonne's machines and snacks and you can scrap your heart away from 6 p.m. until midnight! Is that a deal or what?!

If you are interested in attending, just write to Yvonne at and let her know.

I won't be attending this first time, but I'm really excited about the 3rd of December!!

So, remember, the first Friday of every month is crop till you drop at Scrapbooking Stuttgart! YEAHHHH!!!

Be there or be square! ;-)





Upcoming Scrapbooking Classes / Workshops! (NEW)

Please note November class dates have changed!!

Upcoming Workshops / Classes



16 October 2010 from 2-6 pm 

Basic Scrapbooking Workshop


Location: Memories Artwork, Rosenstrasse 13/1, 70794 Filderstadt

Cost: 20 EUR incl. all materials & use of tools


We will be designing a double spread layout from scratch with your photos and you will be learning about basic supplies & material types, using color with your photos as well as basic design on your layouts. The cost is 20 EUR incl. materials as well as refreshments & snack. This is a four hour class! Only 6 seats available, so please reserve your seat soon!




13 November 2010 from 2-5 pm

 Minibook using the Cinch Binding Machine

Location: Memories Artwork, Rosenstrasse 13/1, 70794 Filderstadt

Cost: 25 EUR incl. materials and introduction to the Cinch machine

 Retro-glam-cinch-2  Retro-glam-cinch-8 


We'll be creating your own little scrapbooked spiral minibook using the cinch binding machine. Photos are optional, but not necessary. We will just be covering front and back bookboards, creating the pages in the middle and then Yvonne Simon  from will show you how to use the Cinch to turn it into a book! (See We R Memory Keepers examples above) Only 6 seats available, so sign up while you can!





20 November  2010 from 2-5 pm 

Make & Take Christmas Card Class using Cuttlebug


Location: Memories Artwork, Rosenstrasse 13/1, 70794 Filderstadt

Cost: 25 EUR incl. all materials, make & takes and introduction into the Cuttlebug machine



Using the Cuttlebug, which is an embossing/die cutting machine, we'll be making several Christmas cards using various techniques and learning how to use the Cuttlebug. In just a few more months it will be Christmas! So, get your cards made and sent on time!! The cost is 25 EUR incl. all materials (make & takes) and introduction to the Cuttlebug. Above are only some examples, not the actual cards we will be making... that's a secret ;-)) As with all classes only 6 spots available!

To register for a class, please send an email to memoriesartwork(at) 


More Thank you cards....& a Cinch Mini Album ;-)

Good LORD! Time flies! I just checked my blog to see when the last time was.... how embarrassing! It's been close to a MONTH! I apologize profusely for not blogging sooner. Major stress at the day job. The days just whizz by and it's hard to slow down. Then my side-business here, well throw in the family with 2 kids and you can guess that I'm basically on the move 24 hours a day. I keep telling myself to BREATHE... but, there's no time! LOL

For the last 6-8 weeks I've had bursitis, an infection in my shoulder, which was irritating for one, but it also prevented me from doing TaeBo, which I really hated. Yesterday, I was finally able to go and although every muscle in my body seems to hurt, I'm SO GLAD that I finally get to go again! I missed it sooo much!

I just wanted to show you what I've been working on the past few weeks, so here goes!



I actually made this for a Cinch Mini-Album class and will be selling it on Etsy or Dawanda afterwards. Believe it or not... it was a "cinch" to make. LOL


I made this thank you card using one sheet of thick designer cardstock (DCWV Mariposa, 8x8), Ranger Dimensional Pearls, Jenni Bowlin Letter Stickers and a Martha Stewart Butterfly punch. The DCWV papers in this collection are SO pretty!!


A boy birthday card for my nephew....hope he ever got it since there was a gift certificate inside!!! Haven't heard from the little bugger yet. The red piece is 3D using 3D foam pads and is backed with a jeans design paper.


Just made this one a day or two ago...see, I can't even remember! Doh!.. Anyway... I wanted to protect the other mommy's kids, so that is why they are sensored. I used Tim Holtz design paper, prima felt stem, regular manila tag with walnut distress ink, flower made with dictionary paper, punched, distressed with various Holtz Distress inks, crumpled and stapled together. Looove those flowers! Martha stewart fence border punch, Tim Holtz ticket "dream", Ranger Dimensional pearls & Rock Candy, Prima Pebble, Journaling card from Yellow Bicycle. 

Here is more detail on the flower:


So, now I have the munchies and I need to go to bed. Jenna has a little something she needs to do on stage in school for the 1st grader ceremony. She's so proud. :-)


Thank you cards & Get well soon card

Hey out there!

I just wanted to give you some inpirations for the day (should it inspire you that is...). I recently made some special cards, see below. I just LOVE to stitch on cards. It's really much easier than it looks! If you can use a sewing machine just for basics, then you can do this too. I promise! ;-)


and this (below) is the inside of the card:


and a get well soon card for my Mom...who is still in the hospital (poor thing)


and a thank you card for an invitation to visit a nice woman and her children we met on Grand Canary

Yes, it's bright, but I like it! ;-)


Busy weekend! Scrapbooking Layouts, Sketches, 50th birthday cards & housewarming card!!

Hello scrappers & crafters!!

I've been very busy this weekend, not only food shopping, washing, cooking, but also creating!! Lots to do and sooo little time! But, I love it or else I wouldn't make time to do it, am I right?

First of all... an ADHD story about my son, Danny, 8 years old. Yesterday, after my trip to IKEA for a new chair, I had left some scissors in the dining room after cutting off some tags. I remember putting them away and after a time I walked into the dining room and noticed a good piece of hair (blond) lying on the rug. I pick it up and look over at my son, who has this exact piece of hair missing from his forehead showing through where there should have been hair. So, I ask him, I say "Danny, did you cut your hair?". He looks at me and says, "Me? No!...Huh??" And I say, "You're saying you didn't cut your hair." ...He says with big round eyes, "No, Mommy, I didn't!". So, I take him over to the mirror and say "Gee, that's odd...there seems to be hair missing from your bangs, now isn't THAT a coincidence!" ...Get this....he says, "But, I DIDN'T cut my hair." LOL Okay, this wouldn't be the first time he's so obviously caught in a fib and still won't admit it, even if you PROVE he did it. (ahh... life with ADD, never gets boring) He finally admitted it, but of course, could not tell me WHY he cut his hair. That's because no thought went into it. His brain said... ahhhh, scissors...cut.... hair, end of story. And then, he forgot he even did it. It was just sort of, well, the most natural and obvious thing to do. It's hard to even get mad at him for it, since he didn't do it for attention or to be mischievous. No bad thoughts behind it, just simple and unrestrained impulse. Now I know where all of those odd looking cuts in his shorts and pants are coming from...not on the knee part, but on the thigh cut at a 90° angle ("Mommy, I fell..."). Uh,...yeah, buddy, sure. But, I gotta tell you... it sure does not make it easy for me to leave him and his sister alone for any given amount of time. I'm always a bit afraid of what his impulse might tell him to do next. Know what I mean? to the creative part... here's what I've been doin'!


This is August's Sketch I designed for the website for this month...


And this is the matching layout with the sketch.

July Creations4

Gotta love those Prima Marketing pebbles, so gorgeous!!

July Creations3

This layout will also be featured on Simea's website at some point this month....It's about how I LOVE strawberries. The picture colors turned out weird, because my printer was acting up, but I used it anyway, since it had kind of a retro vintage look to it. lol

July Creations2

closeup of the beautiful prima the vivid colors!

July Creations11

Please never mind the odd looking...or rather missing faces. I wanted to make sure nobody got on the web, that didn't want to be on there. ;-) Kinda reminds me of the movie "The Ring" though...a little spooky there. I made this as a going away present from the daycare mothers for one of the childminders who is leaving to work in Munich this month. LOL

July Creations10 

So..."The Ring" again... this time a card for one of the childminders from the daycare for all her hard work.

July Creations5 

This card was for my wonderful friend Emel, a housewarming card. She'd invited us today to check out their new house.... niiiiccccee house! :-)

July Creations14

And THISSSS... is a card for my brother dear who will be turning FIFTY... still can't believe it!!! Did a bit of Tim Holtz on there... Love the BINGO card!

July Creations13

I made this tag for the inside of my brother's looked so empty. ;-) Love Tim Holtz!!!.. no, wait.. I ADORE Tim Holtz!!

July Creations9
This was the first draft of the 50th birthday card below. Yes, I know, it looks so completely different. LOL That is because I wasn't aware that 30 people were supposed to sign it. ;-) I'm sure I can sell it or that there will be another 50th birthday where it'll be needed. Tim Holtz again with the Grungeboard swirl shape, Fired Brick Crackle Paint and Glossy Accents over the top of it.


Last...but never least LOL, is a card I made for my friend Emel to give to her co-worker who's turning 50. She needed a BIIIIGGGG card, so that lots of people have room to sign it. So, basically, it's a 12x12" piece of cardstock folded in half. Now, BIG!

Whew... Not done yet though...still have quite a bit planned. Classes are coming up in September using the Cinch! More on the next post!!

Until then, ... relax and CREATE!