Happenings in July/August ;-)

Hey there, thought I'd blog since I realized yet again....that it's been about a MONTH. sowwy

My dad's 75th birthday was on 25 July 2012. Wow! He has been truly blessed with a ton of guardian angels, which we are all very thankful for. I made him this card and he will be getting a nice album (when it's finished) ... I'll post photos later. ;-)



What's been going on... well, on 2 August we celebrated Jenna's 9th birthday. Time flies as they say. Incredible how she's grown and how independent she's become. She's just getting prettier by the day....boys, watch out! She's going to be a heartbreaker for sure! :D My little cutie.

Since her one grandma wanted to get her a bike and we wanted her to be able to pick it out, I made a pop-up card with a bike (cut with cricut expression) as a symbol of this plan. ;-)


She loved it! 

We celebrated at the pool, which was a fantastic idea since it was pretty much empty except for us. People were unsure of the weather, plus it's summer vacation (people are away) and the kids had a super time.

They either took over the entire sand box (had parents asking for "permission" to get a bucket of water for their toddlers - LOL) or they were jumping around in the pool. As a little gift and thank you for coming, I made these cool wallets out of iced tea cartons that I got directions from at this site: http://spoonful.com/crafts/carton-wallet


Well, the kids thought those were just so awesome. Made me feel awesome too. ;-)


In August also, we found out that we got a place for Jenna at another daycare (where some of her friends and classmates are) after we had actually received notice that they could not provide a place. We had been ok with that, since the place she was at was great as well, offering so many things to do and lots of sports. We decided to leave it up to her, so she wanted to go to the new daycare, which is only for another year anyway. We were all happy on the one side, but it was sad as well since she has been there from the beginning of her Kindergarten days. So, I decided I needed to give them something to remember both Jenna and Danny by and made this little mini tag book, which I think they liked.



 Then it was my best friend Christine's birthday on 8 August who lives so far far away from me... :-( So, I always make her a nice card to show her how much I miss her...


 This card was made entirely with the heat embossing technique...using SEI Mimosa and Hero Arts stamps, plus Zing embossing powders. I love these colors! And she enjoyed it too.

Currently I'm working on a customer order for a few pages of a Marriage Travel Book. Neat idea actually. I may show a few images if I get permission from my customer. ;-)

Sunday it was hot... about 103°F or 39°C HOT. So, we decided to go to the pool...so did about a gazillion other people. At any rate, we had an awesome spot that had shade all day long. Danny is so creative... he started gathering leaves and little twigs, etc. and made lunch... on his shoe. ;-)

 He's just cool like that. ;-) Love him so much!!

In almost a week, we will be vacationing in Turkey!!! I cannot wait to be by the ocean and not have to worry about silly things, such as housework and accounting stuff. Yeahhhh!

Then school begins again.... oh boy. Danny is going to a new school, 5th grade, and will have to take the bus. New school, new kids, fresh start. I hope he likes it. Jenna will be entering 4th grade, same teacher, so nothing new there. 

And... we... are in the process of planning our house. Yes, I said house. We are building a house, our own, us... YES! YEAHHHH! Should be finished around May/June 2013 and we are so very excited. It's a duplex house, but can't be picky in these parts. I will finally have a scrap studio with STRAIGHT walls! Finally! And I won't have to sweat in the attic anymore...hehe. 

Otherwise, not much else is going on at the moment...thankfully.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and spending time with their families!








Memories Artwork Designs closing up shop as of 2013

Actually, almost past the "considering" since the wholesaler I had was taken over and the new company now charges sales tax, which I am not able to deduct being in the certain tax bracket I'm in. So....I've come to the conclusion that I will be earning even less (meaning not profitable) than I was in the past. It's not worth the headache in the least. As much as I really LOVE designing and all, but if nothing remains (and seriously, my time is darn precious to me!), then what is the point.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up on the hobby, but as of the end of 2012 I will no longer be taking custom orders for customers. Nor will I hold classes. What I will do is scrap, for myself and my family memories and of course ALWAYS make my own cards. I'm so used to that by now, that I refuse to buy and manufactured cards. 

It's a difficult thing for me to do since I wanted it to become a success to where I could earn at least a little bit of profit, but as business owners well know....there are other costs such as tax consulting or accounting that suck what little you may have made right out from under you. Sad, but true. Business taxes should be done by an approved tax consultant, so there you go.

Also, I would just stress myself with deadlines or take on custom work at the very last minute (which is silly) and make deals that were definitely to my disadvantage (because sometimes I just can't say no). With working 75% in my day job, two kids, a hubby and a household to organize, it's just something that unnecessarily stresses me out. That is something that I was not aiming for. For some custom designers (especially in Germany...since many people do not appreciate the craft or your time, etc.) it's just not worth the effort...as sad as it sounds. 

Any design team I can be on is just fine for me. It's something I can handle. So, I apologize if I'm disappointing anyone out there that was counting on me, but I truly hope you understand my situation and my reasoning. I'm still there until Christmas time, so no worries. 

Oh, and I will try to blog more and make some free tutorials here and there, plus stay on top of the trends of the business, so we'll keep in contact!





Out for a little while....back soon!

Dear Scrapper friends!

I apologize for not posting for some time now. One week ago yesterday I had surgery on my right shoulder, so I am still recooperating. I hope you understand! I'm really missing my scrapbooking and TaeBo horribly! I haven't been able to do sports for a few months now. Yikes....and my pants are getting mighty tight! But I'm hopeful to start doing a little bit of something soon. :-)

There is a project I am working on for Scrapbooking Stuttgart's design team. (It was supposed to be for January....but I had to delay due to the OP.) I recently watched a few videos at www.mycraftchannel.com (very cool btw!) and checked out a few of Teresa Collin's videos and one of them inspired me to make a book about me (A-Z). What an amazing lady, really. Love her style, her products, her personality. :-) Since Yvonne from Scrapbooking Stuttgart sent me these lovely Echo Park papers, I thought I would use them all in this book. I will be posting as I go along, since A-Z is a lotta pages and I don't want to jot something meaningless down under each letter. It will take some time and thought about who I am, what I do, what I like etc. I was able to get a cover started before the OP, so here is a little sneak peak of that one. Fun, fun papers for sure!



Lots of my stash is being used as I really need to "use" it up. Sometimes I'll look at something and think "That's so pretty that I will have to use it for something really special." ...Now that is just silly of me. That just means I will never use it. I should consider all the things I make special, right!? Then I will be "forced" to actually use it up. :-) 

In other news...

My hubby just recently had an operation a week prior to mine as he had a ruptured hernia. Yikes! He's pretty much okay now, but still has to be very careful. While he was in the hospital, my daughter Jenna had to have one of her baby teeth pulled as it had decayed and infected her gums. :-( She was very brave though....but then again, she had a wonderful dentist specializing in children's dental care. Not like the witch on duty during Christmas vacation. That was a definite disaster.

Next week it is back to work with a hopefully good shoulder! Some days are better than others. Today... not so good. Maybe it's the snow, I dunno. ;-) I'll tell you one thing.... I cannot WAIT for Spring to arrive! Seriously now! -14°C is not funny, with or without the sun.


Thinking about my parents every day. And I worry and worry. I know I shouldn't, but with Dad and his massive heart problems, one kidney and cancer...well, I just can't help myself obviously. My mom has constant back pain and exhaustion, especially making sure Dad is always okay, driving him to the hospital for all of the doctor's appointments. And believe me, there are many. The guilt of not being able to be there to help is not easy to deal with. I try to call at least daily...I'm just afraid. Something that all people go through at some stage in their life.

Okay... nuffa that emotional stuff!! Gotta rest the arm now. Just wanted to pop by and let everyone know I'm still around. 

Have a super crafty day!





Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas, Tag No. 1

I thought I would give this a try...although I did have to improve since I do not have the die cuts etc. I think it turned out pretty nice! :) (it only took hoooouuurrrrsss!) I used glitter glue instead of regular glitter, a different embossing die, my own pine cone creation LOL, and had to majorly improvise on the greenery. 



Can't wait to do more of them! See ya soon!


New Direction - Memories Artwork (Designs)

Dear Scrappers,

Some of you might have been wondering why I haven't been offering classes lately. Well, I have been trying to get some order in my life and spend more time with my family, (which is the most important thing to me). So, I have decided not to hold any pre-scheduled scrapbooking/crafting classes in the future, unless someone specifically requests them and only with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 people. 

I am concentrating on the design part of my business as this allows me more flexibility in working hours. That said, I have also changed the name of my side business to "Memories Artwork Designs". More and more orders are coming in that are filling out my evenings, which is not such a bad thing. When preparing for scheduled classes, there is more work with marketing and preparing a handout, as well as making sure the class is filled with enough students. While I do enjoy (love) teaching, it does take up time to do what is necessary to make it a success.

The extra stress in my life needs to be reduced and I need to get organized, so something has to give. My focus is directed primarily on the most important thing in my life....my family <3. We need to spend more time together as a family in this fast-lane life we're living in. Social media here and there, school, work and sleeping disorders due to stress...I need to create a good balance to keep sane. I trust some of you can understand where I'm coming from.

What I can do, aside from my custom orders, is include free tutorials on my website, either with photos or videos every so often as I can film or take photos on the side while working on a project. I may also be posting card and/or layout sketches (which I have also done in the past) you can use for personal projects. I hope this makes up for the lack of offered classes. 

As I've already stated, I can (if the schedule fits) hold classes upon request. Just send me an email and I will see what I can do. I do hope you understand.

Should you have any questions regarding certain techniques, etc., please do not hesitate to email me. I'd be happy to help.

Hope you have a nice "hump" day!







Of handmade flowers, Mother's Day cards & altered frames

It's been awhile and I apologize profusely! It's been a busy busy life.... still is for that matter! We've had Easter and I've had an big event at work we've been planning for (in Zurich). Now that it's over, I can breath....even if just for a little while. ;-)

I know Mother's Day is long over, but in my last post I had been making flowers like a crazy person and just wanted to show you a few examples of how you can put your handmade flowers to use. It's nothing new or extraordinarily exciting, but these are my examples and perhaps it will spark something in you.


This year's Mother's Day card....it had my mom in tears, which was exactly what I was aiming for....tears of joy that is.



I've been making decorative frames for all seasons....Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Fall, but I didn't have one for Spring. So, my handmade flowers fit perfectly for what I wanted to make. I drew stems with leaves in pencil on cardstock, then pierced holes along the design and back stitched some green thread on to it. I adhered the flowered, stamped a flourish on opposite corners and was done. Yes, it's simple, but romantic and I like it. Just another decorating idea for ya.

Question for you:  Would you purchase something like this if were for sale?

Stay tuned for more uses of handmade flowers....Until then, have a superb weekend!



Paper flowers and a tissue box ;-)

Don't ask me why I decided to look up videos on youtube about how to make paper flowers, but for some reason I did and I obviously had a lot of fun! :-) Then I decided my tissue box was too pretty to throw out, so I decided to make a flower box to hold my hand-made flowers. Now, it could use a few more details around the edges, but this was a quicky. I just cut along the top of the box on one long end and the two short ends, covered the opening with a large journaling tag I cut with my cricut, then added a brad on the top and long side of the box to tie a string for closure. Like I said....very quick. 




I made this flower this morning, so easy. You just need 3 of each large, medium and small sized either punched or cut out flowers, whether they be 5 or 6 petal does not matter in the least. Ink them if you like, spray all with water, scrunch or wad them up real tight, then flatten each one out. Take some glossy accents or other quick drying adhesive and begin adhering them on top of each other beginning with the largest and ending up with the smallest flowers on top. Be sure to vary the position of the petals when you stack the flowers on top of each other for more fullness and dimension. What I did below is I put a brad through the middle. Sprayed it with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (Blue Denim), dried it with the embossing gun, then used some Ranger Distress Stickles "Rock Candy" to give it some more glitter, dried it again and it was done. It took about 10 minutes or so. Like I said, real easy and saves you money!! :-) You can use them on cards or layouts, to decorate gifts with or hot glue on to a simple head band to spruce it up. 



Hope you enjoyed these short little tutorials. Have a great rest of your weekend!



"Tickle me!" - Using color on scrapbooking layouts

These photos I took of a tickle attack on Jenna last weekend inspired me to a new layout. For this layout I used a filmstrip .png file and mostly Studio Calico supplies out of various of their kits.

What I wanted to talk to you about is color. We all know how important it is to match the colors of the photos to our pages/scrapbooking supplies. So, I wanted to show you how I chose my colors to match my photos.


Since the main colors in the photos are green and blue, I chose a subtle greenish-blue small patterned background first of all. Jenna's shirt contains black, which the filmstrip was perfect for. She also had some orange and pink on her shirt, so I thought I would pull that out and tie it into the layout.

To offset the blue & green in the photos, I backed them with a solid orange. For the title, I again chose black to pull together the black filmstrip and Jenna's shirt. I found some paper with several printed banners and this one was perfect as it had black, blue, green & several neutral pastel tones and was great to add some slight dimension and a border at the top.

In my stash, I also found some old jeans patterned paper, which I used as a small border atop the journaling block. To top it off, I found the little bird and a tag out of the Girl's Paperie collection, some Prima Pebbles and a few Teresa Collins chipboard flowers that matched perfectly in terms of color.

So, when matching your colors up, you can see how easy it can be. Don't be afraid to use too many different colors as long as they compliment your photos and don't take attention away from them.

Hope you enjoyed my color-coded explanation. Have fun with your next layout! ;-)


A trip home to Kindsbach and some scrapbooking stuff

I have been wanting to blog for what seems like ages. All I've been able to do is post classes and send newsletters. Although I'm feeling like a chewed up rag, a little case of the flu, I neeeeeed to do this!

During the Halloween weekend I decided to take a spontaneous trip to see my parents with the kids. Since they have both been very sick this year, Dad with his 4th heart attack and quintuple bypass and Mom with a dangerous intestinal problem, followed by 2 operations, I thought it might be good for them to get to see their grandchildren and daughter. ;-) We were pretty lucky with the weather. It was cool, but sunny on Saturday (which is when the Air Base decided to do Halloween) and I took quite a few photos:

Danny&jennahalloween20103 Danny&jennahalloween2010

Danny makes such a cute Luke Skywalker and Jenna was adorable in her witch costume. Unfortunately, it was a little cool, so they had to cover them up. Most of the time I was the keeper of the laser sword. ;-)



This is Kindsbach Lake in the town in which my parents have lived since about 1977/78. I do believe this must be one of the best outdoor photos I've taken, but that is mostly due to the beautiful weather and gorgeous bright autumn colors. ;-) We had a short, but nice walk around the lake with Oma Lotte (Grandma), the grandkids and I. ;-)

Then, I wanted to get photos of them together...and this is what came out of that ;-)

Oma&kidsoct20101 Oma&kidsoct20104
Oma&kidsoct20105 Oma&kidsoct20102
Danny and Jenna can make some pretty goofy faces....I'll givem' that. Guess they didn't feel like getting their photo taken today. ;-)

Then I caught them from behind.... ha!


Mom&leavesoct2010 Oma&dannyoct2010

I love the color of the leaves in the forest and I wanted to catch a glimpse of my mom walking on this path.

The photo on the right warms my heart. Danny collected several leaves or rather ferns...and then went up to his grandma and put his arm around her waste and walked along side of her. So precious... just wants to make me almost cry. ;-)

Here are a few more impressions of our visit to Kindsbach....helping Oma in the garden...and "making stuff"


Danny is very good with his hands....not exactly sure what he made here, but it looks cool...just like this heart he made for me out of legos.... ahhhh... isn't he the sweetest kid??


and Jenna here helped Oma to get the leaves out from under the tree....I think she left a few hairs on some of those branches. ;-)


So now I want to show you my DREAM HOUSE. When we build a house, I want it to look just like this! An American family built it (as you might be able to tell due to the style) and it's right on the lake. Of course, it does get noisy during the sommer, but hey... they have that lake right out their front door and can jump in it any time they want! Cool deal. Unfortunately, they had to recently sell it. Sold it waaaay too cheap if you ask me! Anyhoo... here it 'tis...



It's simply amazing to me... I am so in awe of this house! Want it!!! Now!!


And here is what I have been up to scrapbooking-wise.....

A recent beginner scrapbooking class....



and a frame for my best friend's sister who's pup recently died....such a sweet sweet dog too. :-(


Unfortunately, another doggy in our family died too.... Oma Gitti's doggy Tanja. We're all very sad about that and miss her so!


And then yet another doggy died.... his name was Sam and belonged to one of the daycare teachers who has been bringing him for a few years now, so the children knew him quite well. He was only 6 years old.


 ... back to scrapbooking / card making / frames.....


I'm trying to make a decorative frame for every season/occasion....


Finally scrapped some old Kindergarten photos of my two sweeties and their "Red Group". They really enjoyed it there!


A masculine birthday card for my very good friend Frank...

and an envelope I decorated...

Address erased to protect the innocent ;-)...


A purple birthday card for a friend whom I happen to know likes purple.


A sympathy card...


a with compliments tag



An early X-mas tag for a customer I placed with her order


A minibook class I taught on Saturday...


Everybody have a great week!

P.S. Don't forget, next Saturday is a Christmas Card Class! If you're interested and have time, now is the time to register..




Scrapper Style Adventcalendar Class - November 27th!!

Yeah! An Advent Calendar Class! You know you want one!! ;-) I'll be holding this class on 27 November from 2-5 p.m. so, it's your last chance to make one before the Advent season begins!!

We will be making a scrap style Adventcalendar with 24 drawers with the size of the calendar approx. 34cm x 6cm x 34 cm. We'll decorate it with nice patterned papers and/or small photos if you like.

It will be similiar to the photo on the right (different style) below using this plain advent calendar cardboard kit on the left.

Kars_advent  Adventcalendar_boxes
   Photo courtesy of http://kidoinfo.com/ri/advent-calendar/ (posted by Anisa)

Cost is 30 EUR incl. supplies and use of my tools.

The class will take place at Memories Artwork in Filderstadt. Out of the 6 available seats there are 4 still available, so register now to save your seat!! 



A frame, a birthday card, birthday invitation and a going away card

Hey Scrappers!

I just wanted to post some recent projects so you don't think I'm sitting around picking my nose... ;-)


A birthday card for my dear Daddy who will be turning 73 in just a few days and I'm so grateful he's made it this far. I'll be wishing him many many more birthdays to come! ;-) This card can be made in ten minutes or less using the following:

  • ready-made card or make a card from cardstock standard size
  • adhesive
  • cardstock for punching
  • 3D foam pads
  • scallop border punch
  • scallop circle punch
  • circle punch
  • letter stickers
  • markers, colored and white
  • patterned paper


This going-away card was a custom card I made for a well... customer. ;-) She needed it for a co-worker who is leaving to work in Africa (wow!). So, I thought I would make a fitting card with some earth-toned colors.


You see, with just a little variation, you can use a similar design (as shown with the first card)  and make it look quite different. Turn the design 45° in either direction and you have yet another design variation.


I recently had to make my daughter Jenna some invitations and since we are celebrating on a pony ranch and she wanted to help, we used her horse stickers to match the theme. Take a look:


psssttt... foam pop dots ;-)

The one on the right is the back side with the invitation information.

I just used one sheet of cardstock, using the front and back of the piece. 


I recently received a newsletter from MOO who make business cards and they offer a mosaic  of your mini moo cards that looks like this:


which inspired me to make my own mosaic frame, since I still had old mini moo cards that I really didn't want to throw away (my phone number changed) and a nice frame I recently bought from IKEA:


Super easy to make! You just have to make sure your spacing is even. Now I have some nice "family" decor to display either on the wall or on the counter, buffet top. :)

I hope you all enjoyed these few simple ideas. 

Keep creating...


Photo Flowers - Cute Scrapbooking Project

Hey Scrappers!!

I was recently asked to make a few flowers with photos of children from Danny's class for his teacher as a going away present. (Too bad I only got to do five ;-)). At any rate, I wanted to show them to you, because I thought they turned out really cute. 


I blurred the photos in order to censor them....just in case you were wondering. :-)


Little flowers all in a row... ;-)

I'm not going to blur my son... that would be silly. ;-)

So for the most part what I did is just took several matching cardstocks and patterned papers and in most cases I misted them with water so that I could crumple them a bit better, dryed them with the heat gun, inked / distressed / cut the edges (in some cases with decorative scissors), then layered the largest circle starting at the bottom, attached the photos to the side with 3D foam tape and embellished either with a star (using glimmer mist), or button, bird, or butterfly. Then I attached the flowers to the wooden stem with glossy accents (gotta love that stuff), cut the leaves from cardstock/patterned paper, adhered, punched tags, stamped & inked them and wrote in the name. I placed an eyelet at the top to attach it with some string.  Eh, voila! Really easy to make and I had great fun doing it!

Hope your weekend was as great as mine!!


Video Tutorial: How to blur photos in Photoshop Elements 6.0 (Mac)

I was editing some photos censoring them for the web and decided to try out some video capture software and record a short tutorial on a simple way to censor or blur photos on your projects if necessary. So, I hope you like it. :-) It is my first time recording something like this....



More of my Layout Sketches

Hello fellow Scrapbookers,

I've decided to post all of the layout sketches I've done in one place for easy access. ;-) You can also visit www.simea.de where my sketches have been published as well. Now, if you'll notice, it gets more and more challenging month by month as the number of photos increase. I've gone all the way from one to ten photos in a variety of designs. Hope you enjoy them!

Be inspired!!

September 2009


October 2009


November 2009


December 2009


January 2010


February 2010

(double spread)

March 2010


April 2010


May 2010


June 2010

(posted yesterday)

Now go create something!


Scrapbooking in Stuttgart (Crops)

40_me  Despinacard  Goals2009cover

Just wanted to do a little market research and see how many interested scrapbookers are located in the Stuttgart area. Google doesn't seem to find much in that respect. Here are a few questions for you. Please leave a comment below.

  • Where in the Stuttgart area are you located?
  • Where do you purchase your scrapbooking supplies?
  • Are you interested in classes? If so, what type? i.e. Beginner and advance scrapbooking, cards, other decorative crafts?
  • Do you hook up with each other for crops? If so, where?
  • What crafts have you created already? Please enter your URL in your comments so I can see your work.

I have room for about 6-10 ladies and have all kinds of tools, such as the cricut expression (die cut machine), the cuttlebug (die cut / embossing), corner chomper, eyelet setters, magazines, paper cutters, mats, inks, stamps, etc.  etc.... I wouldn't mind hosting a crop once a month in my home. Bring along your supplies or you are also welcome to use my tools for a small fee. So, if you're interested in hooking up with other scrappers or are interested in scrapbooking classes, let me know. I'm happy to help!

I would so like to hear from you!!


Happy Mother's Day card!

My mom already received hers and thought it was the greatest card I have ever given her. ;) she was sooooo happy about it. So cute! That is exactly the reaction I wanted from her. :)

 I saw this technique with the tags a while back and posted it as well with some other tags I made. I temporarily adhered the 3 tags next to each other, then used one stamp across all three and heat embossed with part black and part pink sparkly embossing powder. After that I ink distressed them and adhered using 3D foam tape for dimension. Underneath is just a wide strip of patterned cardstock. I punched a scallop border, used a white gel pen (Signo) to display a bit of stitching, wrote in happy mother's day. Added ribbons to the tag holes and flower with brad. 


Update, National Scrapbooking Day & Upcoming Mini-Album Class

I must apologize since I've taken soooo long to post! Yikes! I just have so much going on....like all the time. ;-) But, I must say, I'm stressed, but feeling good, so that's okay. ;-)

My father, for whom I made the get-well card (which the brilliant German post office misplaced and finally LOST, by the way), had to have bypass surgery (5 bypasses in one operation) just a few weeks ago. He'd suffered his 4th heart attack a few days before Easter and it was "time" he finally let them "cut" him to fix him up. He's now in a rehab/wellness center accompanied by my mom and is doing better from day to day. He hasn't walked that far in years, quoting my mom. ;-) I'm very relieved to say the least!! - Update: he had to be flown back to the hospital yesterday as he was having complications and is getting a pacemaker today. Never a dull moment!

What I've been up to:

Last weekend I held my "Cool Card Class", having 6 students and we made 5 cards in a little over two hours. They loved it and they did a great job.... and I just LOVE to teach. ;-) Unfortunately, I didn't get around to taking photos, but Yvonne from the class took some and posted them on her blog (sweet girl). So, I'm just going to "steal" them and post them on here as well. ;-) As always, she did a wonderful job of photographing these! ! :D

I've also been quite busy with design team work, custom orders and class planning / organization on top of my basically full-time investor relations job and my family!!! So, if I don't answer your emails right away or don't get something done quite on time, have MERCY on me! ;-)


National Scrapbooking Day - May 1st, 2010!!

Don't miss out! Check out the web and go to popular scrapbooking websites for giveaways, prizes, contests, etc.! Here are just a few you might have fun with (source: scrapbook update website):

Scrapbook Update: We’ll be joining the NSD fun with a big round of giveaways on Saturday starting at 10am! (And just maybe we’ll sneak in some challenges too…hint, hint)

Studio Calico: 10am-7pm eastern time. Hourly chats with design team members, challenges with prizes and two big prizes of 6 month Studio Calico subscriptions.

Designer Digitals: Store-wide 20% off sale for NSD is already underway! That’s well over 7000 digital scrapbooking items, plus one new item at an introductory price of $.99. Sale lasts until 6am EST Sunday morning.

Paperclipping: 1pm-3pm PST. Noell Hyman from Paperclipping will be doing a Live event. She’s doing a charitable project for NSD, encouraging people to purge their stashes & donate their unused supplies to local programs devoted to creating life books for children in state custody.

Scrapbook.com: 11am-7pm PST. Special NSD forum will be hosting a virtual crop with challenges, mini-contests, treasure hunts, and many more activities at the top of every hour. They’ll be giving away a hundred prizes, all valued at more than $75.

Club CK: 9am-6pm MST. New sketch every hour. Page titles and fonts free for download. Photo and layout contests with randomly drawn winners – prizes include Stampin’ Up! products and Two Peas In a Bucket gift certificates.

Scrapbook & Cards Today: Giveaway and special content on their blog.

Chatty Scrapppers: UK scrap site (and Scrapbook Update readers) Chatty Scrappers are having NSD fun for a long weekend, with an online crop from April 30th-May 3rd. Join them for challenges, tutorials and prizes!

TwoPeasInABucket.com: NSD is also going on for a long weekend at Two Peas, as they will be celebrating from April 30th-May 2nd with sales and sponsored challenges.

Scrapper’s Guide: This digital scrapbooking education site is giving away four copies of Photoshop Elements 8 bundled with Premier Elements: two copies in the Scrapper’s Guide Forum and two copies on their Facebook page. There will also be a Mother’s Day give-away which you can access from their home page, and a 25% off coupon for anything in the Scrapper’s Guide store.

amillionmemories.com: Their online crop starts Friday at 6pm PST with the posting of online challenges, and a chat at 9pm PST. Saturday the festivities continue at 10am PST with a scavenger hunt and tutorials. 


Class Announcement

My next class "Mini-Album Magic" will be on 16 May 2010 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. ! There is only 1 seat left, so sign up soon if you would like to take part in it. Here is the info:

Location: Memories Artwork

Fee: € 20 including materials (album kits in neutral colors) & tools

Bring: B&W small photos to fit a 6x6" Mini-Album containing 8 pages (6 pages for photos)....and FUN!

Description: We will be making a 6x6" accordion style mini-album with photos & embellishments from scratch! 

Tattered Angels, Ranger's Tim Holtz and more at Kars in Holland

This past weekend I paid a visit to my wholesaler Kars in Ochten, Holland at their semi-annual event with special warehouse deals, demos and workshops. I had a really great time! The wonderful Ms. Condic, the manager over all of German-speaking countries was so nice! She actually picked me up at my house and let me ride with her. Just awesome! The time just seemed to fly by so quickly.

At any rate....this was my room....a quite old, but charming hotel. Only problem was, someone forgot to turn off their alarm, so it was beeping all night long until I woke in the morning. I just had no idea what it was or where it was coming from. Yikes! So, to say the least, I didn't sleep all that well. (My own fault!)


So, these were the beds...I did figure out that those were actual covers. ;-) ...Being used to big bedspreads, I guess it looked to me like something was missing. hehe


Here I was playing around with the camera, testing the light, etc. I haven't really been making many photos, so I needed to practice a bit.

DAY 1 (Demo day)


So, here's Tim Holtz, whom most of you might know I would guess. This was early Sunday morning and he was just getting ready to begin his demos. Just looking at some of the stuff he made to decorate was fascinating. He and I believe his team, even sewed a jacket out of grunge paper that you can even wash and dry!! I gotta see this jacket sometime, because I must admit... I am a bit skeptical, but Tim...if you say so, I'll have to trust you. ;-)

Tim started his demos and I was lucky, because I just happened to be there checking out his work. He made (or shall I say "whipped up") three gorgeous tags in a matter of minutes and I was allowed to pick one that he signed. Very cool tags. I had to have the one with the eye, don't know why...just thought the eye was awesome.



Now, do NOT ask me what colors of distress ink he used, but know this, I think they were ALL from his new line. I think "wild honey" and "crushed olive" were my favorites. Just beautiful. 


Just take a look at this tag that Tim made. Using several colors by wetting, drying, rewetting, drying, then flicking water onto it and drying again it got some pretty cool colors. Then using his new cling stamps (of which I just HAD to get of course), he stamped using archival ink in two different ways (tapping and rubbing over the stamp) he was able to create different shades of the archival ink . He also distressed it using his distressing tool, then added the metal washers and time plate by punching holes. Then he used his hammer is beat up the brads a bit to distress them as well. Fantastic job. You gotta just love the "eye" don't ya? Anyway...thanks for showing me those techniques first hand. The videos are great too, but it sinks in better when you see it done live.

So... then I was able to get a photo with him, which was pretty cool. Man... some women, they just swoon over Tim. I mean, come ON...yeah, he's incredibly talented and he's nice, but does the man need groupies? I dunno...I mean, he stamps, crafts and designs products, you know? At any rate, he's very down to earth and very patient with the ladies that follow him around. LOL


Just a good kinda guy with talent.

So... THEN I went over to Tattered Angels in Wendy Senger's (CEO) class. Hey! Talk about COOL! wooooohhhh! No offense Tim, you're great too! LOL

Check it out:


All the Glimmer Mists, templates (masks) and stamps with all kind of tags as well. I made the ones below. Such cool colors.


Can you see the glimmer on there? How cool is that?


And here I am with the CEO herself, Wendy Senger. A really nice gal. And yes... I know I have ink on my fingers and need to desperately die my hair....I am aware. lol Thanks for the pic Miss Wendy! ;-)

Here are a few photos of the Kars warehouse and their beautiful demo room.

IMG_718939 IMG_719141 IMG_719343 IMG_719444 IMG_719848 


This is Tanya Watts, a Ranger-U instructor. Really cool girl who showed me what can be done with UTEE embossing powders....namely this (below):

IMG_724286 IMG_724084 



DAY 2 (Workshop day)

So, the next morning I was schedule along with the ladies from Scrappies, two wonderful ladies I might add. ;-) And we made 5 completely awesome tags using various techniques, various inks, distress inks, archival ink, stamps, distress crackle paint and distress rock candy. Too bad the workshop was "only" 1-1/2 hours. lol


Aren't those some really cool tags? Definitely! Do you want me to show you how you can make something like this? Well, I'm planning on it, so stay tuned for the news. lol

Here's another photo with Tim after the workshop. He probably wouldn't remember me now if he walked past me on the street as many women as he comes across, but I thought this memory is worth remembering.


He's probably gritting his teeth underneath that smile and I can't blame him. Even my cheeks were starting to hurt from smiling so much and I wasn't even holding classes!

So, to conclude this quite long blog entry....here are a few other little things that I made as make & takes or took along with me. The flower is from a great gal who designs for Cosmo Cricket


This was a card I made with a Basic Grey card kit and a little goody bag from DCWV cardstock.
The flower is cosmo cricket and was designed by Natasja Verbeek, a designer at Cosmo Cricket. What a sweet, cute and incredibly talented girl! Just fantastic!

IMG_7259103 IMG_7261105

This was a me&my BIG ideas mini-album kit that I didn't have time to complete there, but aren't the colors awesome? And lots of glittery stickers, etc....which, of course I LOVE!

I met another awesome lady named Rozella Méyer who designs for Kars, a Dutch scrapbooking magazine and Prima I believe. Very sweet and talented. Her layouts just "stunned" me, seriously now! Check out her blog! It's Dutch, but just check out the layouts! Here is one layout so you can get an idea on her talent:


So, ladies (& gents...if there are any out there paying attention), that's all for today. I will be translating all of this tomorrow...whew.... I know, it's long, but I just wanted to show you how fun it was and will be happy to pass along to you what I've learned!

You all take care and scrap your life!


Decorative Tag for Wine Bottle - Thank you gift

Let me start off by saying that we have an absolutely awesome pediatrician who really goes beyond his call of duty to help us. He's really helped us out a lot concerning Danny's ADHD symptomatic and returned our desperate calls during Christmas vacation and although he was actually on sick leave! I don't know of any doctor who will do that!

So, I was thinking....we need to thank him in a very special way. I thought, well, a good bottle of Tuscan wine and a Kristina Werner card that I recently purchased would do the trick. But as I saw that bottle of wine standing there, I thought... something is just missing. I need to dress that thing up a bit. Finally, I decided I would make a long tag, punch a hole through the top so that it would fit snugly over the wine bottle and then decorate the tag....which is exactly what I did. ;-) 

Winebottle_tag  Winebottle_tag_embossing 

I inked the edges with Tim Holtz fired brick distress ink, then I took this fabulous Hero Arts vintage thank you stamp, embossing ink, and Tim Holtz Walnut stain distress embossing powder and embossed it, rubbed the crystals like he always says to achieve a distressed look and tied a piece of jute? Not sure what that is called. Afterwards, I decided to emboss around the circle with a 7Gypsies clear stamp and some gold embossing powder since I wanted it to look elegant as well as vintagy. It's simple, but classy, which is what I was aiming for. 

We'll be dropping it off tomorrow. I really do hope it shows how grateful we are to him for all of this support, but I think it will do the trick. ;-) I hope this inspires you to create something of your own as a gift for someone special.

Everyone have a beautiful Sunday!


Acrylic Mini-Album with basic instructions

My resolutions for 2010....documented within an acrylic mini-album..


Myresolutions2010_cover_charm  Myresolutions2010_pg2  Myresolutions2010_pg3 

Myresolutions2010_pg4&5  Myresolutions2010_pg6  Myresolutions2010_pg8&9

Myresolutions2010_pg9detail_heart  Myresolutions2010_pg9detail_key Myresolutions2010_pg10&11 

Myresolutions2010_pg12&13 Myresolutions2010_lastpage

Acrylic Mini-Album


There are different types of acrylic or other translucent materials.  In this case, I just got some thick transparency at a hardware store in A3 size and cut down the number of pieces I needed to 6x6 inches with a guillotine paper trimmer, which worked great. 

Then you have all of your pieces laying in front of you that you need. After that I wanted to vary the pages a bit. So, what I did was to cut various pages into shapes, but using a template I made from a Making Memories journaling pad. I used a permanent marker to trace the edge of the journaling page and then just cut it out. Since it was going to be covered anyway, the marker would be covered up. If you like you can ink the edges with staz-on ink or with acrylic paint in case you don't want to cover it with paper.

Generally, with acrylic albums, you're doing to want to plan out the pages carefully, maybe even with a sketch as you'll want to cover front an back pages equally, so as not to have adhesive, or the back of other paper or embellishments showing through the page. Sometimes, it's a good idea to use double sided paper and then you can cover any bits of adhesive with embellishments. At any rate, plan ahead so you don't run into problems there.

After cutting some of the pages into shapes, I also stamped some of the pages with stay-on ink as well for a variation in the background. Staz-on is the BEST!

Two holes are sufficient to hold the album together. I made sure to put in the holes before I started designing the album to make sure I don't cover up anywhere where I wanted the holes to be. You can use jump rings or ribbon or you can bind it with a regular binding system....whichever way you would like.

For the first time I used fabric in an album as a background. It looks as if it's sewn onto the album, but I just machine stitched a frame on the fabric and adhered with regular old tombow adhesive runner.  This worked surprisingly well. After that I needed to see what to place on the back side. Every double spread is matching in color to prevent chaos for the eyes. :-)  Generally, one page will contain a photo and the other some very important journaling.

On the page with my hubby and I, I stitched a heart on the other page before adhering the fabric, which I then also filled with buttons and pearls using gluedots.  The key I adhered with fabric glue and the keyhole with diamond glaze, which is really almost as tough as super glue, yet acid-free. I left the back side of the heart, because I liked the way it looked on the other side.

As for my resolutions, I'm thinking that if I spent so much time with this album, I just might stick to them better. Who knows?

Christmas Cards & Journal Notebook Class

Hey Peeps!!!

Yes, I know... making Christmas cards again.... but I look at something and then get so inspired that I have to do something about it. It's like an itch. LOL Anyway... I made a few Christmas cards again and wanted to show you a few pictures of the journal I made in Karla Dudley's Journal 3 Ways Class. The class has already begun, but I'm sure she will be having more workshops. Now, I have to tell you, this woman amazes me! She has 5 kids, including 2 sets of twins...two boys, two girls and the oldest is another boy. Wow... is all I can say. Then she's got kids getting sick all over the place, but takes the time to shoot videos and show her students how to make cute journals. I have to hand it to her, Karla: My hat is off to you girl! You are just a cool gal!

Little "medallion" tutorial here:

So, I made these two cards with "medallions" on them that I made myself. The easiest way is to take a 12" strip about 1-1/4 to 1-1/2" wide, cut along the edge with either scallop scissors or zig zag, but it should be something that is uniform, no tearing scissors or anything like that. Next you want to fold the piece back and forth like an accordion, maybe scoring each line before you do that to make it work a bit easier and look straighter LOL. Then just glue the ends together with tacky tape so it doesn't come apart, then push down on the middle part to make it flat....go ahead, I promise it won't fall apart. But, in order to hold it together, you're going to need something sturdy to put on that middle part. Use a scallop circle, a big button, or a regular circle, a flower, anything you want, but you will have to make sure you use a good adhesive to make it stick. I used glue dots, which seemed to work pretty well. Make sure they're heavy duty and the cardstock is fairly heavy weight. Chipboard might be even better.  Then just use 3 D glue dots or pop dots to adhere to your card or layout. I really love the look of it. Next time I'm going for ones a bit smaller though. ;-)


On this one, I originally stamped the flourishes with opaque white stazon ink, but you could hardly see it, so I went over it with a white gel pen to make it stand out more. Truly had fun making the medallions!

Now to Karla's Class! She's so sweet and her videos were so cute. Making the journal was easier than I thought. Tomorrow is week two! Can't wait to see what she comes up with! :D Check out the journal I made today.

The angle of the photo I took, makes it look crooked, but it's not, trust me. ;-) I got this free Katie Pertiet border swirl brush from Designer Digitals. Go check it out!

These are the inside pages using Karla's swirls from the class. Love those swirls! Can't get enough of them.

Here are the pages with the journaling brushes that Karla designed. Don't you just love her handwriting? I mean, okay, mine is not the worst handwriting, but I just loooove Karla's... kind of looks similar to Ali Edward's style of handwriting.

So, folks, that's all for now. I've really got to get to bed! ughhhh....busy week... what am I saying? Months!

Nite all!


Super Halloween Cards tutorial video

Ladies (and Gentlemen...in case you're reading)

Wow, just had to share this with you!! Kristina Werner makes fantastic videos on her blog and now she's made yet another fabulous video tutorial for three (yes, three!!) awesome Halloween cards she's designed. They have really cool shapes and cute details.  Check it out on her Blog and lots of other videos. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy this load of creativity!!!